Truly Madly Deeply

Aria was once a average teenage girl until she was abducted and raped. But one day when the man left the house to get food from the store near by he accidentally dropped the room key that Aria had been kept in. She escaped and met a boy. He was really nice and kind of cute he had brown curly hair and emerald eyes, his name was Harry Styles.


5. Where am I?


Harry`s POV:


Why did I let her stay at my house? Like seriously I am Harry Styles. Yes Harry Styles from One Direction and I decided to let a normal girl sleeping on the street in my house. But, Damm! she`s beautiful I wonder what she was doing outside, better not ask her now though, she doesn`t seem in a well, `Good` condition. 

Hey, forgot to ask, Whats your name? 

God Harry! Why are you being so stupid stop trying to INVADE her privacy!!

Aria: Oh! I`m Aria, Aria Soneclare! 

She is just so gorgeous! I wonder where she`s from....

Um, I`m just wondering, why were you on the street?

Aria froze for a moment and then started sobbing! Oh my god what did I say I can`t believe I said that!

Oh MY god I`m so sorry I asked such a stupid question I really am!


Aria`s POV:


I... I... don`t want to talk about that right now... I`m sorry but it`s just not the right timing 

I don`t  want to talk about my past it`s just so haunting, and if people know that I was used as a sex slave every body will hate me they`ll think I`m stupid and dirty and a pig! Why would I tell people that when I know they won`t like me!

Shh... It`s ok I can wait it was my fault that made you cry anyway!..

He`s just so comforting I feel like I`m at home when I`m with him..

Thank you for letting me stay I said

He kindly answered No problem babe<3

His smile is just so irresistable, his dimples are just so cute! God Aria focus he doesn`t like you he`s just doing this because he feels sorry for you!

He led me in his house and slowly led me in his what I think was his sister`s room, me into the led me into the bed. 

He kissed me goodnight on the cheek and went out of the room as my eye lids slowly fell asleep.




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