Truly Madly Deeply

Aria was once a average teenage girl until she was abducted and raped. But one day when the man left the house to get food from the store near by he accidentally dropped the room key that Aria had been kept in. She escaped and met a boy. He was really nice and kind of cute he had brown curly hair and emerald eyes, his name was Harry Styles.


3. I just met you and here`s my home, so stay here maybe!

Harry`s POV:


Wake up Harry!!!

Holy Shit did she just scream in my ear again?

MOM!! You don`t always have to scream in my ear you know! 

Typical Mom, really ~Protective~ over me, but that's what I love about her!

Sorry Harry! But Breakfast is ready!

Oh breakfast! I love Breakfast! I immediately hoped out of bed and was about to run for the kitchen if my mom wasn`t standing there cross armed and having the  look on her face saying 

You really wanna go there?

Witch meant I was probably naked, so I grabbed my favorite boxers and blue jeans and changed. When that was done, I was about to run down the stairs if I didn`t see a girl asleep in the middle of the road. She was asleep peacefully but she had worry written all over her face even when asleep, so I screamed to mum,

`Be there in a minute!

and jumped out the door to the girl. I said, 

Wake up, wake up you`re not safe out here

she yawned and moaned and said things that were kind of wierd like sorry Sir? But when she opened her eyes, she looked surprised, so  I asked

Are you OK? 


Aria`s POV:

Who was this stranger, he was looking in to me looking really worried I wonder why...

Oh yeah I was sleeping on the road

Sorry, but um.... who are you?

I asked, 

Oh yeah I forgot to introduce my self, I`m Harry Styles a singer in One Direction I was born in February 1st and I`m British,

 I knew that by the heavy British accent he had, but I wasn`t gonna bother him with my personal problems, I knew that if he got involved in this, he would get hurt and I honestly didn`t want that. So tried to act cool and said

Oh hi Harry, um sorry to bother you bye...

and was about to run away if he didn`t say, 

Wait, stop you just got to know me you can`t just leave, plus you look like you need somewhere to stay come to my house my sister just left to collage and you can stay in her room.

I was honestly surprised that a stranger that I had just met would care so much for me, so I had no idea why but i just said

Thanks you I would Love to...


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