the time girl (doctor who fan fic)

the doctor is alone river is dead and Clara has gone home not wanting to travel with the doctor any more.
when he gets his fortune told things start to change.
is he realy alone?
and who will the doctor see again?
a new big adventure.
what will happen next?...


1. traviling alone again

the doctor sat on the steps of the trardis listening to it hum as it hovered in space.

Clara had told him she didnt want to stay with him as she was happy wear she was.

and river she was gone dead and gone along with her parents.

so the doctor was alone again thinking of wear too go next.

the market on the planet he had taken Clara maybe he would be able too relax there for a bit before he was of to save life's and planets.

he stood up and started to push buttons on the tardis setting course for the market.

when the tardis had finished shaking about the doctor garbed his sonic and wallet rushing out the tardis door and locking it shut.

he walked down the sandy street looking at all the stores and wondering if he would find some lunch.

suddenly he came too a stop by a fortune telling stall where a women sat her head covered by a clock and her hands covered in henna patterns.

"what is the doctor doing alone wondering round these streets i wonder" she said ceasing the doctor to walk over too her.

"i will tell the time lords future for him free of charge as he needs to know what is too come" she continued.

the doctor sat down in front of her and waited.

she reached out and took hold of his hand.

"alone so alone but not alone time lords must gather and one knows what no one knows the doctors real name the name that fell with Gallifray beware of the one that knows as much as the doctor and will change him forever" she said suddenly she jumped away from the doctor and pointed away.

"go now quickly" she says and he does as she says and walks away back to the tardis thinking about what the fortune teller had said.

once he was inside the tardis he sat on an old chair and told the tardis what had happened she just hummed back.

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