the time girl (doctor who fan fic)

the doctor is alone river is dead and Clara has gone home not wanting to travel with the doctor any more.
when he gets his fortune told things start to change.
is he realy alone?
and who will the doctor see again?
a new big adventure.
what will happen next?...


2. cafe

it had been a month since the fortune teller and the doctor was visiting London at night to get coffee from his favorite all night cafe.

he parked the tardis down an alley way near the cafe and walked inside.

it was almost empty except rosemary and john the owners and a few people sat in the corner drinking tea.

the doctor went and sat in his usual space by the large window. 

he took of his jacket and placed it over the back of his chair and sat down looking out the window.

he herd foot steps come over too wear he was sat and coughed.

he looked up and came face too face with a strange girl.

she had waist long curly brown hair bright green eyes was as tall as the doctor himself and was tanned but it wasn't any of that that court his attention. it was the markings that went over bothe of her eyes like an eye mask.

the markings were time lord markings.

they both stopped and looked at each other she suddenly turned round and ran out of the cafe down the street.

"don't you worry deary that December she is a strange girl never speaks me and john found her wondering the streets in nothing but rags and we took her in sweet girl when u get to know her" rosemary said putting the doctors usual on the table next too him.

the doctor finished his drink and walked back to the tardis. just as he was about to go inside some one spoke.

"it`s relay you isn't it" they said as they stepped out of he shadows to reveal the girl from the cafe.

"your the doctor" she continued stepping closer so she was right beside the tardis.

"yes it is me and...who are you?" the doctor asked.

she looked at him then placed her hand on the tardis blue door it hummed loudly and flashed blue inside then calmed down.

she smiled and and looked up at the doctor.

"it`s been a long time since i have seen one of these...and i am the star but most call me December and...i am a time lady"...


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