Fire girl

There is a girl named Flare. Yes Flare not Clare. She has a wicked power that only she can control. She and her mate. No-one but her and her mate can control it. One day she moves and meets him. What will happen?


2. Flare Barber

Hi I'm Flare Barber and I have the power to control fire. Yes fire, people think it kills, and wounds others, but through my eyes, it's my desire, it can't hurt me, it's my life. I can't sleep in a cold place otherwise I might die. I must sleep in a room that's at least 100 degrees. Yes I know pretty hot hey? But I have the power of fire. My twin, Caitlyn, is the world to me, she's the one who doesn't give two shits about anything, same with me, we aren't identical twins but you can tell we are twins. I have firery red hair that goes down to my dimples in my back, I have lightning blue eyes, I have wings like an Angel, Caitlyn has wings that are sharp and speedy but in flying I'm faster then her, I'm skinny and me and Caitlyn are the same hight. We have the same facial features, my nails also change with my mood. 




pink=I'm curious

and that's it folks!! Also I LOVE bugs bunny!! He's so cute:)


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