Fire girl

There is a girl named Flare. Yes Flare not Clare. She has a wicked power that only she can control. She and her mate. No-one but her and her mate can control it. One day she moves and meets him. What will happen?


4. chapter 2

Flares POV

"but-but thats impossible!i thought only one person in the world can-no no thats not right! it cant be! you arent my mate!! i dont even  know you!" Caitlyn freaks "CAITLYN!! calm the fuck down woman!! so.. hes your mate! who flipping cares! just kiss and make up will you!" i say sitting on the dirt frustrated FLARE CAITLYN WHERE ARE YOU TWO DICKHEADS!!" father screams coming down the road "AHH! Quick take us to your house!!" Caitlyn rushes "okay okay! follow me!" the man says running towards a big flat and opens the door "FOUND YOU!!" faher yells running towards the house with a broken beer bottle. a tear rolls down my cheek as my hair blazed up and my eyes went red, i set fire to father and closed the door gently and walk to the window to watch father burn to dust "well, well, well who are these two?" a curly haired boy says in a seductive tone eying me "SNAP OUT OF IT HOT SHOT!??!" i say clicking my fingers in his face "ugh Harry this is Flare and C-Caitlyn" the boy with blue eyes says looking at Caitlyn but snapping out of it as i burn his nose "wow, not a usual name 'Flare'. huh" harry says being cheeky "nor is curly!" i say the ends of my hair lighting up for two seconds then vanishes "Flare calm down!" Caitlyn says soothingly "ugh whatever" i say crossing my arms and flopping down on the couch "angry much?" harry says. anger rises inside of me "now youve done it!" Caitlyn says as my hair lights up and my eyes turn red "ITS NOT MY FAULT YOUR SUCH A DICK!" I scream pushing him against the wall and choking him. His hair lights up and his eyes go red as well "huh" i gasp and calm down walking out of the house "FLARE WAIT UP!!"  harrys voice boooms as he runs in my direction.

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