Fire girl

There is a girl named Flare. Yes Flare not Clare. She has a wicked power that only she can control. She and her mate. No-one but her and her mate can control it. One day she moves and meets him. What will happen?


3. Chapter 1

Flare's POV 


"MUM!!" Caitlyn screams. I shoot up out of bed and run downstairs "what's happening?" I ask looking around as my mood changes to blue=sad as my eyes land on the dead body of my mother "FATHER!!" Me and Caitlyn scream at the same time. He runs down and saw the dead body and falls to fits of sooks. He got up and hit Caitlyn and I "Father? What was that for?" We both say (we don't know we have powers or wings because we get them at 16) "FOR EVER BEING FUCKING BORN!!" He yells at our three year old selves as he takes another hot but to both of our stomachs "Father! Stop please I'm begging you!" We say falling to the floor as he kicks our ribs winding us.

*end of flashback/dream*

i sit up in a cold sweat "Caitlyn?" I whisper "yeah?" She whispers back sitting up "I had the same dream again" I say "oh don't worry it's just a dream Flare" she says hugging me. She's older by 14secs. "FLARE CAITLYN!!! WHEREA MY FUCKING BEER YOU LITTLE TWITS!!" Dad screams "yes we need to get out of here Caitlyn" I say to here my nails changing to a black=scared and sad "yes we do and we are going to do it tonight when dad passes out after drinking so much beer" Caitlyn says. I just nod and stand up pulling out two small duffel bags to put our things in. We start packing the bags, I put all my clothes, my iPhone5, my iPhone charger, my headphones, my toiletry and my first aid kit into the bag, with $100,000 dollars I stole from Dad. Caitlyn does the same also with $100,000 dollars from dad she stole "ready?" Caitlyn asks me "yeah" by now it was 12:39 at night "okay ill go first" Caitlyn says going down the stairs with her bag hanging off of her with me following "it's okay he's just passed out" Caitlyn whispers "okay" I say slightly scared. We get to the door and Caitlyn opens it and goes outside and waits for me. I close the door and dad sits up. I bolt for my life as does Caitlyn "where are we gonna go?" I ask looking at her while running. 

Louis POV 

"I'm gonna go out for a walk guys" I say walking out not waiting for their responses. I walk to the park me and the lads go to and just walk around there until someone bumps into me. I turn around to see two girls on the floor "I'm so sorry"I say putting both hands out only one taking it and the other pushes it. I look at the girl who took my hand. She was gorgeous, lightning blue eyes, blonde hair with red tips, her lips, everything:) "ugh can you let go of my hand please?" She asks "oh ugh sorry" I blush letting go leaving a bit of water on her 'oops' I thought I felt something on my hand. I looked down at it, it was water! But that's impossible!! Unless she's you've got a girlfriend Louis, yeah but she doesn't have anything she can control. Harry controls fire which is quite rare to do that, Niall controls earth, I control water, Zayn controls the weather, and Liam controls the wind. I look at the other girl and I swear the ends of her hair lit up "umm sorry but I didn't catch your names?" I ask ever so nicely "I'm Caitlyn and this is..." Caitlyn says pointing to the other one "I'm Flare" she says un-amused "umm may I ask you something?" I ask "yeah but I have to make a phone call so ask Flare" Caitlyn says getting her phone out and dialing someone's number "ugh Flare? Do you have ugh umm ya know p-powers" I ask "yes why?" flare says "ugh well it's just I saw the ends of your hair light up and Caitlyn left water on my hand as I did to her "oh yeah" Flare says lighting her hair up and her eyes change from blue to red "leave her alone you hear me?!!" She yells getting Caitltns attention "FLARE!!" Caitlyn screams as Flare goes back to normal "he put water on your hand!" Flare shoots.

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