The Truth

It's not a story. It's life. It's not made up. It happened. It's what some of us face each day. Yet, we don't talk about it-- This is a place to confess. Maybe this movella won't get that much attention because it's not related to 1D. But there are somethings that I wish to share. Somethings that I bottled up inside. I tried to run away from everything. But you have to stop for a gulp of air, right? I know that there are people who have hidden so much pain that you want to escape it, but you can't. They say, "Talking helps". But who to talk to when you know you can't trust anyone? So, I'll try to help. If you have something to tell, something to share. Comment below. If you're scared and don't want anyone to know, email- or ; we promise you that whatever you tell us will be between us. No one will ever know what we talked. It's okay if you don't trust us. But we never tell other people's secret. That we assure you.


7. From No.One.Special

This is an emotional thing for me to write, but I want to let you know this. I knew a guy called Nevin Spence. He was a lovely man. He played rugby and was such an inspiration to me. Unfortunately Nevin passed away on the 15th September 2012. He died on his family farm while trying to save his Father, Noel Spence and his brother, Graham Spence. All three of the Spence men died that evening. The day after Nevin and his father and brother passed away, I wrote a poem for Nevin. A few months ago I discovered that I had gotten it published.

Nevin's death affected me a lot. My parents thought I was fine about it, but even right now, I still cry over it. Nevin was born a hero, lived as a hero, and died as hero. I know that this name and person may mean nothing to you, but means a heck of a lot to me.

I don't tell people about this but recently I've been thinking that you all deserve to know where my inspiration is coming from. Nevin is the person who inspires me. I know that every day Nevin is looking down on me and I hope he's proud of me. Every achievement I have, is for Nevin. Getting 139 fans on movellas, that's for Nevin too. Getting over 600 votes on wattpad, is for Nevin. If I ever get a book published, that will be for Nevin too.

I've only told two people about how much Nevin's death affected me, now, it's your turn to hear it too. I realised I couldn't bottle it up all the time. I had to let it out. I was glad that people listened to me. Nevin was only 22 when he died. He lived a fulfilling life, but it was cut short. Nevin has taught me to live everyday like it's my last. He's taught me to keep dreaming and to always chase those dreams. He has taught me to never give up. He's taught me one of the most important lessons I've ever learnt, everyone has a purpose never stop until you find yours. Nevin's purpose was to play rugby. He fulfilled it. I'm not completely religious but one night I prayed to God that I wanted to see Nevin in a dream, I wanted to know that he was happy in heaven. A few months after Nevin had passed away, I had a dream. It was where I went back to Ravenhill (the rugby ground that Nevin played in) with my Mum. Nevin was there with some of his teammates. He was laughing and have a good time just living. I remember that I whispered to my mum, "should I tell him what will happen?". My mum whispered back, "No. It's alright. He wouldn't want to know". When I woke up I was crying. But then I remembered, I prayed to God to see Nevin again in a dream to know that he was looking down on me and to know that he was safe. I then realised that my prayer was answered, which meant that Nevin was safe and happy and he was looking down on me.

That's where all my inspiration comes from. I now know that every day Nevin is looking down on me. That's all I need to know to keep going with my dream. My dream is to get a book published. I've written a fiction book on movellas about the Spence family. It's called Peas In A Pod In A Great War. I hope you all will look at it.

I miss him everyday and I believe that I should tell you just how much of an angel Nevin was, and now is

I love you Nevin. Rest in peace Angel xxx


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