Don't Let Me Go

Larry Fanfic what more do you need? no hate please. If you don't like gay smut don't read. If you ship elounor don't read. if you ship gay and think Louis tops please read!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


1. Harry

   I woke to a small boy curled up at my side. My boyfriend. Louis Tomlinson. He was older, but smaller. I loved him more then life. sadly, no one could know about our relationship. apparently us being gay would make sales drop. Louis had a "girlfriend" that was actually his sister. 

    Louis stirred and sat up. he rubbed his eyes and I smiled. Louis was so fragile and cute. he kissed my lips gently. "morning Harry" he mumbled. "Morning Boobear" i pecked his lips and sat up. "you go back to sleep. I'm gonna make you breakfast in bed." i said getting up. "Thank you baby" Louis mumbled, drifting back to sleep. I smiled. yeah. I love this boy. I love Louis Tomlinson.

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