Life of a EX Eleanor Calder

No one has heard from Emma for over two years. After the biggest misunderstanding of her life, she ran away raising her daughter on her own. But somehow Louis gets in contact with his best mates EX and his daughter. How will Emma react when her daughters famous father shows up? Will sparks fly, or will love burn to a crisp?


13. Chapter 13


~Emma's POV~

"What are we going to do?" I asked Louis, as I looked out my window. That video of us went viral, and now paparazzi are everywhere. Kat was sitting on Louis lap, as he flipped through the news paper.

"France is always an option." He winked and kissed Katrina on her forehead. I rolled my eyes and shut the curtain.

"I know, but we cant go out without getting recognized." I said sadly. "They know who I am, they know who Kat is, we just cant."

"We have hoodies in the closet." Louis said, pointing to the hall closet. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

"Don't you think it would be a tad bit odd seeing a family all in hoodies and sunglasses walking to the airport?" I asked while walking to the kitchen.

"So is France a yes?" Louis asked excitedly. I tossed my hair over my shoulder and started cooking dinner.

"I guess, if you can work it out with management and the boys." I shrugged my shoulders.

"DID YOU HEAR THAT KIT KAT!?" Louis yelled into her face. Kat gave him an annoyed look and rolled her eyes.

"Indoor voice daddy." She said strictly. I giggled and started boiling some water for spaghetti. I leaned against the counter and checked my Twitter. As usual, I gained about 2,000 followers, and endless hate mail. I shrugged my shoulders and checked my news feed. I really only follow the boys, Dani, Eleanor, and the Little Mix girls. I saw that Perrie mentioned me in a Tweet.

"Hey Lou! How would you like stopping at Zayn and Perrie's on the way to France!?" I yelled from the kitchen.

"Where do they live?!" Louis yelled back.

"They live right in the outskirts of London." I said whilst walking into the living room. Kat jumped off of Louis lap and ran into her room. "I was thinking that we could fly there and spend a few days with them, because knowing them they probably have the biggest house in London, and fly into Paris from there."

"Since when are we going to Paris?" Louis asked.

"Since I decided to." I smiled and pecked him on the lips.


@Emmy_Petrova: @PerrieLittleMix we're going to Paris in a few weeks, txt me the deets and well figure something out Xx


I walked into the kitchen and stirred the noodles. Louis came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed my cheek and looked over my shoulder. I giggled and added some salt into the water.

"Paris is going to be so much fun." Louis smiled.

"If we go." I teased.

"What do you mean?" He asked, taken aback. I turned around and looked him in the eye.

"Well, we aren't going to get anywhere until you start planning out the trip." I teased. Louis raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. "Like, get plane tickets to London and Paris, plan out hotels, all that stuff." I smiled.

"I love how your always one step ahead." Louis smiled and tapped the top of my nose. I giggled and pecked him on the lips.

"Why don't you go get Kat and help her get washed up for dinner." I smiled and turned back to the noodles. I looked over my shoulder and saw Louis carry Katrina upside down into the bathroom. I giggled. I cant believe that this is my life, in the best way possible.







Okay, so this is more of a filler chapter. I really wanted to put in one more chapter before they went to Paris. :/


Anyway! I am at my aunts for the whole week, so I am going to try to update every other day :/ I hope you understand, I never get to see her and she is having a baby in October, so I am kind of helping her out with the nursery (It's 1 Thing 2 Thing themed! :D ) and all that great stuff. And I am terribly sorry about not posting an update yesterday, I had to pack and I was really bummed out about the whole Cory Monteith thing, he was my favorite actor and I just feel really bad for Lea :(




Soooo I have to go to bed, its been a looooooong day of riding in the car (8 hours to be exact) and I really miss my parents, so yeah.



Love you all!


Claire :D xx

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