Boson Strong

This is a poem about the Boston Marathon bombing back in April 15 2013


1. Boston Strong

This city ha gone through a lot over he years and there's always a problem to be solved. When tragedy struck may 2013 every body took action to help those in need that is because we are BOSTON STRONG. when a tragic event strikes we don't turn our backs or run away we turn and face our fears and get the work we need to do done we are BOSTON STRONG. Every community big or small joins together and helps. We fight till the day is done and work together to win the fight we are BOSTON STRONG. We never turn our backs to those in need we turn to them and do what we can to help that's what we call bravery and being BOSTON STRONG. After the war is won against evil we celebrate yet another victory for the city of Boston. To those who help the injured thank you for what you did you are a true hero. Also to those who's lives were lost in this tragedy R.I.P. And to those who supported Boston in our time of thank you. Now that the war is over and done we write and share stories abut the Boston Marathon bombing. We also will never forget that we are and always will be BOSTON STRONG.

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