Just the Two of Us


2. To the Concert

~~~~~Maddie's P.O.V.~~~~~


I laid on the couch thinking about the concert. Was it really going to be that fun? I don't know....but that Lewis guy, something about him made my heart melt. Was it his perfect sea green eyes...or just the way he talked. I don't know. "Shut up Maddie!" I said to myself as I thought about how much I could possibly like him and if he would like me. Who was I kidding, how was an average girl like me going to meet a pop-star like him? I wasn't!

Looking at the time, I saw it was already 4:30. Shit! How did i waste that much time daydreaming and looking at pictures of this Lewis guy. Only having half an hour to get ready, I quickly threw on a pair of denim shorts with a pink sparkly top and finished the look off with some cute pink and white sneakers. I looked at my phone and saw I had gotten a text from Kayte, "Hey I'm gonna be early! Be ready!! :)" Ugh, now I can't do anything to my hair but brush through it. Oh well, it's not like I'm gonna meet them anyways...

Because I was daydreaming, I didn't even notice Kayte honk the horn at me, not until she ran into my house all frantic did I stap out of it.

"Maddie! Come on! We're late!!" She screamed at me.

I laugh, "Late? It's barely almost 5!"

"So! I already told you! I wanna be there super early!" She said frantically running to the car, as I slowly walked behind her. She rolled her eyes. "Come on!"

I got in the car and listened to her as she rambled on about how excited she was for this concert, I found my thought slowly drifting back to him, daydreaming again about what would happen if I actually met him. No, that's not possible! They've all got millions of girls better looking than me that would kill someone to go out with them if that's what it took. 

"Maddie! Are you listening to me?!" Kayte said as she waved her hand over my face.

"Oh yeah! I totally was! Very interesting!" I say laughing a little.

She rolls her eyes, "Anyways, we're here! Now come on!" 

We both jump out of the car and rush into the huge arena into an area with a crowd of hundreds of screaming fans.

"Ugh, can I go home now, this really isn't worth it! I'll never be able to hear again!" I complained.

"NO! Let's go get out seats!" She said pulling me to the crowd.

I've always had a hard time in crowds, so I was trying my best not to freak out. We made it to our seats and sat down waiting for the concert to start. I looked at my watch and laughed. "Kayte, we still have two more hours!"

"I know! Isn't this so exciting!!" She squealed.

"Very.." I said sarcastically and laughed, "I'm going to the bathroom...these crowds are getting to me. I'll be back." I smile standing up.

"Ok! But hurry!"

"Will do!" I laugh standing up making my way through the crowds again.

As I make my way through the hundreds of screaming fans I tried to remember why I agreed to this in the first place. Oh right, I didn't! Oh well, I have to make the best of it, right? I tried to make my way through the best I could without freaking out or getting pushed around too much. 

All of a sudden things got crazy, people moving around to the other direction and pushing me around. That's when the panic attack set in. Every time someone pushed me it only got worse. I got pushed around until I ended up on the floor, where I sat holding my head until they had all gone. I sat there in the middle of the floor. This was not the right place for someone with a fear of crowds. 

Sitting there trying to calm down, I heard a boy with an amazing British accent call out, "Are you ok?!" and start walking over to me.

"Yeah, I'm fine...I just get a little claustrophobic when it comes to crowds..." I say not looking up to see who's talking to me.

"Here, babe. Let me help you up." I hear him say as he holds out his hand. "I'm Louis, but I'm assuming you knew that right?" He laughs.

I grab his hand and stand up and look at him, "Thank you, I'm Maddie," pulls my hand away, "and actually my friend dragged me here." laughs a little.

He smiles looking at me, "Well, I'm glad you made it! I'm sorry about that, apparently they found out that the other boys are on the other side of the stage." He laughs a little.

"Yeah, well thank you for helping me up, I appreciate it."

"Anytime, babe." He winked, "Hey, would you mind coming backstage after the show, you can bring your friend along too."

Surprised at his niceness, it took me a second to reply, which then I only muttered out, "Really?"

"Yeah, for sure! I would love to get to know a beautiful girl like you." He smiles at me.

Blushing deeply, I played with my hair like I always do when I'm nervous, "Sure, that sounds great! I'd love to"

"Awesome! Meet me over there after the show?" He said pointing to a stage exit.

"Ok...see you then?" I smile blushing even more

"Ok, bye, babe. See you after the show." He winked and walked away.

"Wow, did that really just happen? Did he really just call me babe? Did he really just ask me to meet him after the show?! Wow, Kayte is gonna love me for like ever!" I mumble to myself.


~~~~~Lou's P.O.V.~~~~~


"Wow, she was beautiful, and she didn't scream when I grabbed her hand.....I feel so, funny. Butterflies in my stomach. I can't believe I'm going to see her after the show! I hope she likes me...wow...why am i saying this" I thought to myself as I walked back stage to start our show.

"Hey Lou! Where have you been?! We've got to start!" Liam said sternly to me as I walked to the rest of the lads. 

"Sorry, I was...busy..." I said trying not to mention the fact that I had invited a fan backstage.

"He's blushing! He must've been with a fan! What'd they do this time?" Harry said from across the room winking.

"Ok! I was with a fan, but I was only helping her out, she almost passed out because of the crowd..." I admitted, then added, "I invited her backstage after the show...I know we're not supposed to! But she's something special, I wanna get to know her." I said sheepishly,.

"Ooooooooo, someone's got a crush!" Harry said winking again, as the rest of the lads agreed.

"Oh shut up! Lets just get this show started!" I said standing up walking backstage to get changed and ready.




Hey Guys! This one's a little longer, but still kinda short, sorry about that! I hope you liked it! Again, if you have any ideas or comments please feel free to share! Follow me on twitter, I follow back! @Love4Ever_15


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