Just the Two of Us


1. Just The Beginning

Hey Guys! This is my first real fanfic, and I'm really excited to write it!! I hope you enjoy reading! And please, if you have any ideas or comments please share :)




~~~~~Maddie's P.O.V~~~~~


"C'mon Kayte, you know I'm not into them!! They think they're so cool and hot stuff, when really they are just 5 talent-less boys who can't sing!" I say to my best-friend as I plop on the couch and flipping on the TV. 

"Maddie! I know you did not just say that! But come on! Just come to the concert with me, you'll love them! I promise!" Kayte said to me as she sat down turning off the TV.

"Hey! I was watching that!" I said trying to avoid answering her.

"Oh really? What show was it then?" 

"It was uh....it was...fine, I don't know. But I do know that I'm not going with you to that concert!" I said stubbornly.

"C'mon Maddie! It's One Direction! Almost every other girl in the world would die for these tickets! You can't let me go alone!" She pleaded.

"More like Wrong Direction if you ask me," I pause, "Ugh...I'll think about it!"

"Great! I'll pick you up tomorrow around 5? The concert starts at 7 so I wanna be there early!"

"I didn't say yes." I said sassily to her.

"Well, now I'm not giving you the choice anymore!" She laughs, "Just be ready, ok?"

"Ok, fine! But you owe me!" I said back to her with a stern face trying not to laugh.

"OMG THANK YOU! See you tonight then? I gotta get ready! I only have," she checks the time on her phone, "five hours to get ready!!" She says standing up. 

Standing up also I lead her to the door. "Bye Kayte! I'll see you tonight then"

"Yep! You know it!" She yelled while getting in her car. "Oh yeah! And wear something cute! You never know! We may get to meet them!" she laughs and gets into her car and drives away.

I walked back inside and sprawled out on the couch. "What did I get myself into?" I mumbled to myself. Turning on the TV and flipping through the channels, I found a paparazzi gossip show and decided to start watching. Like always, they were talking about One Direction. I decided to watch just to find out what I was really getting my self into. "Wow, they are pretty hot." I say to myself as their picture comes onto the screen. As I watch they go through interviews with the boys talking about the show tonight. I didn't pay much attention to the show, that is until I hear the last boy talk. "Yeah, we're really hoping to have a fun time! And really, we do it all for the fans." He smiles, "We love them all and wouldn't trade this life for anything in the world." I didn't hear them say his name, but I could read it across the bottom of the screen. Lewis...hmmm...I'll have to remember that.




Hey Guys! Sorry that was kind of short! I really just wanted to get the story started! If you have any opinions or ideas please feel free to share them with me! Thanks for reading my story!! And follow me on Twitter! @Love4Ever_15 I follow back! :D

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