Your Gonna Miss me When Im Gone

Brooke Valsquez . Justin Bieber . Brooke Had Been In Love with him since 6th grade. Been Bestfriend's since Second Grade But Justin left Brooke the night after the 9th grade dance which is when they kissed... Justin Promised to text, call, video chat, her everyday But Never did . What Happens when Justin Comes back to Canada?.


4. New Guy?

 Justin's P.O.V -


 I Couldn't Say anything . I Was Stunned , Shocked , but Hurt at the same Moment. 

The only thing I Could think of was that I Caused her all that Pain ... Yes I Still care about her , She is my bestfriend ... Well Atleast She was . I Use to have big feelings for her but Then I Met Selena and I Grew feelings for her ... 


The Only reason I Didn't text or call her was because I Didn't want those feelings to come back but when i saw her today ... Damn She is as Beautiful as always her Hazel Eyes , Her smile, and Just her . I Can tell feelings are coming Back but I Love Selena and that is all that Matters Right? Ugh I Think I Should text Brooke Later Because right now Im with Selena ... Im So confused.


Brooke's P.O.V -


I Decided to go back Home , But when i got their i when Straight upstairs and Changed into a bikini and grabbed a towel . I needed to get my mind of of things so why not go to the beach? I Don't have a car so I Just Can walk their it is only a 5-10 Minute walk so. As i was walking their  i was Thinking about Him ... He has a girlfriend so yeah he doesn't even care but I'm wondering why he didn't even have anything to say. Eh I need to stop thinking about this . Im finally here and as I Get their I Go set my stuff up and just Lay their tanning With My headphones in and Not thinking about all the Bullshit. 


About 10 Minutes later I Feel someone's shadow Over My Face It was a A Very Hot Boy by the way. 

" Can i help you? " I Asked Looking into his Green eye's Omg their so beautiful .

" Just Thought You would want some company , Im Kyle and You may be? " He asked Smiling

" Im Brooke , and Uh Not really but sure why not " i said Smiling .

" Well Brooke May i say Your Beautiful " He blushed saying this. 

"Thank You " I Blushed a shade of rose red . 

" Well i Have To go But may i have Your Number love? " he asked smiling cheekily .

"Sure " I Replyed I Handed him my Phone and He handed Me his Phone. We exchange numbers . 

" Goodbye Beautiful " He said Getting up 

" Bye " i said blushing . 


This Day Just got Better (: 


~ Hope You Guys Enjoyed this chapter sorry if it is short . But Leave Your comments and Stuff Xoxoxo Byee ! (:


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