Your Gonna Miss me When Im Gone

Brooke Valsquez . Justin Bieber . Brooke Had Been In Love with him since 6th grade. Been Bestfriend's since Second Grade But Justin left Brooke the night after the 9th grade dance which is when they kissed... Justin Promised to text, call, video chat, her everyday But Never did . What Happens when Justin Comes back to Canada?.


6. Kyle Ballie

Hello Beautiful (:

Im Kyle , Im 17 (; 

I Skateboard , Surf , and Also sing and Play guitar . 

I Know I Just Met Brooke But she is Gorgeous .. Her hazel Eyes , her Smile , When she blushes . Im starting to Actually develop feelings For her. 

Anyway I Was gonna ask Her Later if Tomorrow She wanted to hang out . c: I Have the whole day Planned out . 

Anyway I love The color Blue <3 

Bestfriend is Brooke <3 

Well Enough about me I have to go Bye gorgeous (:

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