Your Gonna Miss me When Im Gone

Brooke Valsquez . Justin Bieber . Brooke Had Been In Love with him since 6th grade. Been Bestfriend's since Second Grade But Justin left Brooke the night after the 9th grade dance which is when they kissed... Justin Promised to text, call, video chat, her everyday But Never did . What Happens when Justin Comes back to Canada?.


8. Feelings.

Brooke's P.O.V-


1 week Later - 

I Woke Up to The bright Sun Shining in My eyes . I Look around for a minute . Me and Justin Have no Talked since the little incident . I Actually have the courage to say I Miss him . No Brooke Stop You need to get over that he has a girlfriend that he loves and that is drop dead gorgeous .


I've been actually talking to Kyle Alot Since we Met he is So sweet and Definetley Attractive . Im actually starting to fall for him .. My thoughts got interruppted By My Phone going off . I Look at my Phone screen to see It was a text from ... Justin.. 

Justin(: - 

Hey Brooke Im sorry about everything that happened . I Use to have feelings for you very strong ones to be exact but now i believe their gone . When I Met Selena Was when I Needed to Move on from you . And then I Thought she was a Rebound until I Actually started to Develop Feelings for her . Their very strong . I Hope you Can Forgive Me .. 

-x Justin


I Was too shocked to say reply. I dont know what i was Feeling i was Hurt , Mad , Shocked . I had tears Starting to brim in my eyes . No i Promised i wouldn't cry over him. I Went to the bathroom and wiped my face .

My Phone went off to see i Got a text From Kyle <333 

Kyle<3 - 

Hey Gorgeous I Was Just letting you know tomorrow Im Taking you out For the day . No Ands , Ifs , or buts about it . Hope You have a great day Love. 

-xxx Kyle.


I Was Blushing . I Could feel my cheeks starting to burn up.


I Was interruppted by the door bell going off . I Ran downstairs And Opened the door to Only expect .......







Who do you think it is ? Comment (: It was longer but the whole thing got erased waaaaa ;c But Hope you Like the story so Far xoxoxo .


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