A Magical First Love

*Harry Potter Fanfic*

I've known the Weasley family for as long as i've been alive. they even took me in when i had nowhere else to go, and we all go to Hogwarts together, but I have a secret that involves a Weasley boy should I tell him or just keep it to myself.


8. Mixed-up love

I had to lie to Fred when we kissed, and tell him that i didn't feel anything, but i did feel something when we kissed i also felt something when i kissed Malfoy as well,

I went looking for Malfoy, and when i finally found him i kissed him, and then he pulled away, and said

"What are you doing?" "did you not want me to kiss you"

"i did..... but.... I don't want this to be like it was last time"

"it won't be" then we kissed again, and when we pulled away, he pulled me close to him.

A few minutes later Jamie came over to us, and said "so is this the life that you've chosen"

"i don't know Jamie, but i'm just tired of going back and forth"

"well then go to Fred, and stay with Fred", and then Malfoy  said

"Back of just because you chose to hang with the likes of those freaks doesn't mean my girl has to at least some pure-bloods know their place"

"Whatever Malfoy" Then Jamie walked away, and Ariee, and Ron came over to me, and then Ariee said

"Carrie you need to get back with Fred, and dump Malfoy, because you and Fred are perfect for each other" then Malfoy said

"Quit trying to tell her who to love!!!!"

Then they left,and Malfoy's Father came over to him, and whispered something in his ear, and then walked away.

"What did he want Malfoy?"  "to talk about a meeting that's coming up with well you know who"

"Are you gonna be there?"   "no not this time"

"why do you have to be involved in all of that stuff?" "it's a way to have instant protection"


"what do you need protection for" "from the enemies of you know"


"Oh when is your father going to that meeting?" "next week". I knew right there, and then that i was in a mixed-up love, but i didn't know what to do because i loved Malfoy so much,but there was also, and will always be Fred.

So much for a Drama-free year at Hogwarts, but now we have Drama, and mixed-up loves.


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