A Magical First Love

*Harry Potter Fanfic*

I've known the Weasley family for as long as i've been alive. they even took me in when i had nowhere else to go, and we all go to Hogwarts together, but I have a secret that involves a Weasley boy should I tell him or just keep it to myself.


6. Hogwarts annual dance

Fred, and i went to our next class,and before we knew it all the classes were over with,

When Fred, and i got to the great hall Dumbledore announced that we would have a dance coming up soon, and all the girls were excited,but the boys weren't very happy at all,

After dinner as i was walking to the Gryffindor common room Fred stopped me.

"so are you ready for the dance thats coming up Carrie"  "yeah i am what about you Fred?"

"yeah i am so when is it?" "it's gonna be after winter break"

"so have you met up with Malfoy recently?"   "no i haven't, and like i told you before i love you not him".

"So winter break is in two days what are you gonna do?"  "i'm just gonna stay here this year"

"oh okay" he said with a sad expression on his face as he walked away.

Two days went by fast, and everyone except for me,Malfoy, and a handful of students were still at school.


When i had woken up this morning i was gonna go see Fred, but then i remembered that he had left for  Winter break, and he wouldn't be back for a week,

The week had passed quickly as well, and the entire time i spent it hanging out with Malfoy, and his family who had come to visit him for Winter Break.


When i heard that all the students were back i went outside to wait for Fred, and he was one of the last few people to arrive, and then i ran into his arms, and we kissed, but this kiss was different cause i felt kind of hesitant  to kiss him, and i didn't know why,but maybe it was just because of how long he's been gone.

*The next day*


It was the day of the dance, and everyone was getting ready it took everyone almost all morning to get ready, and when everyone was ready we made our way to the dance,

When we got to the dance Fred and i danced along with Ariee, and Ron, and Jamie danced with George as well, and we all were having so much fun,but then Fred kissed me, and once again i was hesitant to kiss him.

Was Jamie right when she asked me if i had fallen for Malfoy again, i honestly hoped this would all blow over because i love Fred, and i'm over Malfoy or at least i think i am.


We all had fun for the rest of the night, and after the dance we all went to sleep until the next morning.




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