A Magical First Love

*Harry Potter Fanfic*

I've known the Weasley family for as long as i've been alive. they even took me in when i had nowhere else to go, and we all go to Hogwarts together, but I have a secret that involves a Weasley boy should I tell him or just keep it to myself.


5. Classes begin

After Fred had stormed out i got up because I had classes to go to, and even though i wasn't up for it, i knew that classes wouldn't stop for me. 

When i got to class the only seat open was sitting behind Fred. As i sat down Professor Snape  said

"okay it's time to pair up so the partners are Ron and Hermione, Jamie and Ariee,George and Neville, and Fred and Carrie the rest of you can pair up i just don't trust these few people"

The rest of the class was apart of Slytherin so of course he trusted them, and not the people who were in Gryffindor.

Everybody sat next to their partners, and started working on the potions project that we'd received.

"Fred i'm sorry" I said knowing that this time he'd have to listen to me, and that he couldn't walk out or else he'd wind up getting detention.

"why should i believe you" "because i love you Fred, and Malfoy means nothing to me why can't you believe me?"

"I want to but how do i know this isn't some prank or something"

"really your asking me that when your the one who basically pulls pranks for a living i mean honestly grow up, and just know that people including me actually do love you and care for you Fred"

The i walked out of the class, and went to the benches, and sat down. and then tears started falling from my eyes.

A few minutes later someone sat beside me and put their hands on mine, and then i looked at them.

"Fred... what do you want"  "I'm sorry for everything i never should've doubted you, and if you want i'll give up on pranking"


"I don't want you to give up what you love, i just want you to believe me when i say i don't love Malfoy i love you Fred, and i always will"


Then he took one of my hands, and placed it on his heart "do you feel that?"

"yeah it's your heartbeat"

"no it's you"  "what i don't understand?"

"my heart only beats for you the reason why i get up every morning with a big smile on my face is because of you, you are my world,my life, my past,present, and hopefully my future please don't ever leave me cause i don't know what i'd do without you beside me"

"i'm not gonna leave you Fred"  "good cause i'd break if you did", and then he gently put his hands on my face and kissed me,

When we both pulled away he saw professor Snape, and said "well looks like were in trouble"

Snape came over to us, and said "Weasley, you and your girlfriend will have detention tomorrow afternoon"

The minute after he said that he walked away, and then it started raining, and me and Fred went inside, and then kissed once again


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