room #28

When twins discover dark secrets about the past off room #28 they want to find out more so on there 13th birthday they decide to get a wigi board and use it on there birthday October 31st were they discover that spirts are hunting them.


1. the begging of the end.

On October 31 1868 there lived a rich family in a apartment. Now back in the day only rich people could live in a apartments. There room number was room #28, on that day the son and the daughter went trick or triting and the mom and dad stayed home. The father wasent all that great he miss treted his family and he was a drunk dad that didnt care about his family just cared about beer. Now the mother on the other hand loved the children and if the father was hitting the children there mother will take the hit. on that same day the mother was killed by the father,3 hours latter  when the kids arrived they asked for mom. There father just said she went out for food for the next day, the kids were scared cuz they never been alone with there dad and if they were they knew what he would do.The kids were supprised by the way the father was acting he sat them at the table and said dinner is ready, the kids ate meat, when they were done the father went to there room and told them in a evil smile "you ate your mothers meat i killed her this after non" the kids were in shock, they stood there to let it sink in. they looked up and saw there father holding a knife and said "your next". The dad chopped them up and put them in the freezer and cooked them the next he said to himself  "nothings more gooder than eating your children"  and had a evil smerk on his face. a few weeks later he felt alone but did not regret eating his family. He moved and he started a new life with a wife and 2 kids. He then killed them and eat them. but then he felt sad a now he did regret what he did the police then found out and were after him he then killed himself and hoped that someone will eat him. But before he killed himself he wrote a note that said " i do regret killing both of my family's i do regret eating them but mark my words they were fantastic mostly the little ones. i hope someone  someone one day will cut me up and put me in the freezer and cook me and eat me the next day like i did to my family so whoever reads this cut me put me in a meat shop and make sure they buy me for a family dinner. And i hope the they find me dilicouse." 

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