room #28

When twins discover dark secrets about the past off room #28 they want to find out more so on there 13th birthday they decide to get a wigi board and use it on there birthday October 31st were they discover that spirts are hunting them.


2. meeting the twins

One October 1st 1999, there move a family the Hunters in apartment room #28, when they moved there neighbors were really nice but they said that maybe experincing paranormal activity there room was hunted the hunters didnt belive them and they didnt want there twin daughters Lili and Lia to get scared. When they opened the door to there own apartment they had to remodle, the paint on the walls were dryed the floors were busted, and the celling was falling apart. they had to paint the walls they replaced the floor and they fixed the cilling. they were finished with there apartment then that same night and the twins had there own room and the parents, they had a kichen, a living room, a bathroom in each room and a dinning room . They were fine just were they were. During dinner the family was talking and they Mrs.hunter said "The girls have to go to school, they need to get there education what do u think Robert.". then Mr.hunter said " I agree Elizabeth i would put them in the school acrose the street school and they will go back on Monday what do you think about that girls." The girls looked at each other and at the same time the girls said "we love the idea". After the dinner they went out and got the stuff that the girls are gonna need for school. When they got back they right away went to there room and put the stuff in there book bags they were happy because they loved to learn. The next day was Sunday the girls went to a mall and got clothes for the whole week for school. The girls were really girly they loved glitter so thats what they got. When they got home they chosed an outfit for the next day, got ready for bed and then got in to bed and went to sleep. Lia told her sister that was next to her " do u think we will have friends?" then Lili said "I dont know what do u think" Lia said nervesly " I really dont kno" when all of a sudden they heard a little girls voice saying " No daddy no" from the girl's bathroom the girls got scared lia said "what was that?" Lili said "I dont know". The girls got up and went inside there bathroom they didnt see nothing, so they went back to sleep. The girls just stared at it each other intill they fell asleep, but in the middle of the night they heard crying  Lia just ignored it but lili got up once again she didnt see anything.

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