Theres something about him that made him almost impossible to forget. Maybe is was the curiosity getting best of me. I watched as he disappeared around the corner. Every part of me was yelling dont follow him. But i just couldn't resist. All that i could hear in my head was the one name. Bieber.


2. Bieber

 Katie's POV: 

"Do I have to go?" Chelsea said for about the millionth time. "Yes you do and your going to have fun, for once." I responded. She sighed and walked to my closet probably looking for a dress for me then playing barbie on me. She came back holding a black cocktail dress that fit in just the right places showing off my curbs. We walked into the bathroom and she started curling my hair letting them fall loosely on my back. Once finished she started doing a light brown smokey eye. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and im not going to lie I looked good. "I'll do your hair and you can do your makeup." I told Chelsea. She nodded in response. I started curling her hair while she did a dark brown smokey eye similar to mine. Once we finished I went to my bathroom and changed into my tight dress. We walked to the car and drove to the party. The house came into view and you could hear the loud blaring music from outside. I walked in the house, stumbling threw all the drunk bodies, in search for my friends. I wasnt looking where i was going and accidentally ran into somebody. I fell onto the ground hitting my butt. I look up to the stranger that i had ran into too and found a pair of carmel brown eyes starring into my green eyes. I took a good loook at his face and noticed the big smirk plastered on my face. He offered me his hand and i took it and quickly stood up. "You better watch were your going next time." He said. "umm..er..sorry" I responded. He chuckled then left out the front door. My friend sarah came rushing over once he left. "Do you know who he was!" She screamed at me causing some stares from people in the room. "umm..no, should I?" "NO...Just pretend you never met him!" She responded quickly. "Will you at least tell me his name?" "Bieber, and i'm warning you, stay away from him." I just didn't understand what was so so bad about him. But something about that name just stuck in my head. I didn't feel like partying, I just wanted to think. I started walking out the door to begin the 10 minute long journey to my house. I decided to walk home because the cool breeze outside helped me think. All I could think about is him. Why do people seem so scared of him? I didn't know but I needed to find out. A clasp of thunder snapped me out of my thinking. It was then that i realized where I was. I was on the other part of the town, where theres drug dealers and gangs. Ive never been over here before iv'e just heard of it, and it was scarryer then i imagined. I quickly started walking in the direction i came in, but i wasn't sure if i was going the right way. I was lost. I kept walking until I started to hear voices, I started quietly walking toward the voices, as  I did the voices got louder. I was now right around the corner of the voices. It was then that i reized, I new that voice...



Cliff hanger... So that was the first offical chapter...What did you guys think? Updates tomorrow.. 

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