Theres something about him that made him almost impossible to forget. Maybe is was the curiosity getting best of me. I watched as he disappeared around the corner. Every part of me was yelling dont follow him. But i just couldn't resist. All that i could hear in my head was the one name. Bieber.


1. About me

Hi my name is Katie Roberts. Im 18 years young ;) working on my last year in high school. I now live in stratford Canada, but i just moved hear about a year ago. I originally lived in Texas. Me and my parents NEVER got along, so once i saved up some money and i moved hear to live with my best friend Chelsea. People are always starring at me because of my stunning looks. Ive got strait brown hair with blonde highlights that falls just above my butt. My eyes are a light green that complement my pink plump lumps pretty well. I'm pretty popular, but not the kind thats a total bitch, im the total opposite.  I just have lost of friends and good looks. You could say im a party girl i guess, i just like to go out have fun sometimes...




Hey guys I'm sorry that was a really really boring chapter... but ill update again soon and hopefully should be A LOT better... this is my first movellas so tell me wacha think so far...  


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