Broken *Rated R/Y*

Lola the reject of the Thunderbolt pack and Omega. The Lowest of lowest of rank you can get in a pack. She's been abuse, sexually harassed and rape all because she could not change into her wolf yet. Her only hopes of getting a better future was to find her mate.
Her soul mate. But when she finds out that her mate is the 'to be' alpha Micheal jerk that rape and abuse her. She confronts him about it willing to give him another chance. But being the jackass he is he rejects her, and rapes her again only this time with his friends. That's when the tiny thread that was holding her back from running away snaps.
While Running away she accidentally trespassed the Greenwood pack and was taken hostage. Confuse, scared, hurt she gives up and fades away in the cell... She then meets sexy Alpha Zac for questioning... And when a spark of undeniable attraction flares goes off... Questions, Drama, and unexpected romance are ensured... for the future...
Please read!
*Warning:rape/mature content*


3. Scared


"Shh It's alright baby girl... Your safe now..." I whisper to her soothingly. Her body tensed up for a moment and then slowly relax ... Unconsciously she whispers, "Really?". I just "mmmh." her and started to walk back to the pack house. 

It's going to be a long day tomorrow.


Lola's P.O.V

I woke up on a cold hard floor with a blanket covering me. I look around letting my eyes adjust to the darkness and observing my surroundings.

 I sat up and putted my back against a wall that was connected to the cage making the blanket that was covering me fall down to my thigh. I thunk my head on the hard cemented wall that was behind me...  Not feeling the pain that was between my legs and on my added scar that was scratched into me.

My mine gone blank from the pain... I couldn't think about to think about nothing except the horrendous memories that haunt me... Death was more better than the memories that resides in my head. Death wouldn't keep on tourtering the victim with memories and keep on making them relived them every single day that they were alive.

Death has more mercy... A eternal sleep without feelings and memories. 

I let out a half strangled laugh... As a sudden realization came to me...

 I was meant to be alone in solitude. Isolated from being able to experience any happiness that may come my way... I felt myself fall into deeper depression as I unconsciously trial my fingers over the rejected mark on my shoulder. A jagged "R". That was etch into my shoulder. 

All my thoughts came into a halt as I snap my head up when I heard the door bang open letting a little bit of light streaming down illuminating the dirt floor. I snap my head back down and curled up into a ball as footsteps went down the steps. Hugging my knees and burying my face into my thigh I let out a weak whimper hearing heavy footsteps coming closer and closer to me...The footsteps stop momentarily after my weak whimper but than resumed and continued towards my cage.

"James take her out of her cell. We need to bring her to alpha." The stranger said who strangely sound like the three men I met yesterday. My ears twitch as the cage door creak open and footsteps thudding towards me. I squeeze my eyes tightly together. I was doomed...



A filler chapter because i haven't done a chapter in a long long time... Haven't not edited this yet so it may sound werid or bad but please continue supporting me. ^_^. I promise to update soon or if not later so please don't forget about me.

Love <3, 

loveanimea 8) !



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