Broken *Rated R/Y*

Lola the reject of the Thunderbolt pack and Omega. The Lowest of lowest of rank you can get in a pack. She's been abuse, sexually harassed and rape all because she could not change into her wolf yet. Her only hopes of getting a better future was to find her mate.
Her soul mate. But when she finds out that her mate is the 'to be' alpha Micheal jerk that rape and abuse her. She confronts him about it willing to give him another chance. But being the jackass he is he rejects her, and rapes her again only this time with his friends. That's when the tiny thread that was holding her back from running away snaps.
While Running away she accidentally trespassed the Greenwood pack and was taken hostage. Confuse, scared, hurt she gives up and fades away in the cell... She then meets sexy Alpha Zac for questioning... And when a spark of undeniable attraction flares goes off... Questions, Drama, and unexpected romance are ensured... for the future...
Please read!
*Warning:rape/mature content*


9. Meeting his wolf

Lola's POV 



And right at that moment the Alpha comes in the room... and we connected eyes... Heat flared through out my body and...


Its almost funny how much shit happens in my life. First it was the abusive mate, then the run in with the bimbo, and now the strange sensations that I feel every time I am near the egg headed Alpha; whose mate is probably the bimbo to my left. Talk about bad luck, I must have done a lot of shit to the moon goddess in my past life or something. 


"Zac~~~ Baby that bitch over there tried to hurt me! You got to take revenge for me you got to!" The bimbo screeched breaking the heated stare down that we had with each other. 


His head whipped at her and growled  "What the fuck did you call her? Repeat it!"


My body tensed up as I felt the power radiating from his powerful form. His wolf is so god damn intimidating! 


"Honey! You have to help me, this bitch was trying to kill me!" She whined ignoring his obvious anger.


I, the realist realized he was so gonna take her side, I mean who wouldn't? She was his mate and I did in a way try to kill her. Although in my defense she's the one who threw Alex on the floor. I was just reacting like any other she wolf in the world; protecting my cub from danger.


Sensing his rage raising and my impending doom coming, I picked Alex up and slowly moved away from the two. 


I was not going to die today, not with Alex in my arms.


Zac's wolf POV

Sensing my true mate's small dainty foot steps moving away from me, rage consumed my soul 'She will not be allow to be away from me!' I stride towards Alina. Who was beginning to smirk but before her smirk could finish forming on her face I threw her out of the room saw her body slamming into one of the unsuspecting maid. 


"Take her away and don't you fucken dare treat her injuries! Do you understand!" I ordered. The maid bowed and nodded mutely as she tried to stand up and carry Alina. 


I twisted back to see my beautiful mate hugging the little boy protectively. 


Satisfaction swelled inside me as I observe her motherly instinct; imagining about her future being with me and pregnant with my cubs caused a sense of urgency to make her mine. 


 I slowly advance towards her and took her and the pup into my embrace. 


"I finally found you love." I whispered into her ears and breathing in her unique scent. 


 "Mommy not yours! She my mommy! GO get your own! Butt head! BUTT TEETH, HAIRY BLACK EYE WEIRDO!" The small devil(Alex) vehemently whispered at me while glaring with all of his might. A small giggled erupted from my beautiful mate.


It was one of the purest sounds I have ever heard in my entire life... This kid may not be so annoying after all.    


Wait! what did he say!


 My god its been 2-3 years since I posted (0.0)!! I actually forgot that I had a Movellas account lol!! and that I had stories that i published! I like to thank you readers for reading this crappy book lol that my teen self wrote. I can't believe that I had that bad of grammar (I mean I still have bad grammar so it doesn't really matter lol). Thank you for all the comments and favorites even though I haven't posted in years. I am going to try and finish this book but I can't promise regular updates! If you finish this book feel free to go read my other book to occupy your time as I try to finish this book. I'm rusty at writing so feel free to criticize my work :) 


With lots of love,


The (old) ass Loveanimea has returned ;) 







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