Love Bites A Harry Styles FAn Fiction

Ummm Just to say I am not a really big on 1D but I have been reading some really good ones and I love their Music but Not so much them So NO HAEFULL COMENTES PLZ thank you Enjoy....Hello My name is Hazle...Hazle Mary Johnson this is my First year of High school in London and im really exited but its not so great when I get stuck with Harry Styles Of 1D I am not a big fan of them don't get me wrong i love their music but not them I feel like their pigs fawning for all the girls to worship them any way I live with my Dad BUT Mum died when i was 12 I am now 16 year old and I moved from Scotland I have Blound Curly hair but big Green eyes and a few freckles on my nose I can sing and Play Guitar and Piano I learnt both from my Dad and I Love Fashion I have a Puppy her name is Lucy and she is a Shepard dog and she is White with Blue eyes I love her sooooo much so here is how i Meet them and Fell for one....


4. Chapter 4

I got her to my house and layed her on the bed and ran out closeting the door from behind me she should be waking any moment now "WHAT THE HELL IS SHE HERE FOR?!" I heard Jazz say "Jazz calm down its going to be okay Ill kill her when she wakes up okay." I told her she was mad as I could see well its not my felt I am falling for my food I shook my head and went back to her room and heard her waking up...

Hazle's Pov: (were am I...)I looked around I was in a big bed it was covers with Red and Black and their was a book shelf and a bathroom right beside attached and I noticed a bag of my

clothes and Phone and some other things in it I sat up and the blankets uncovered me I am Naked I grabbed them and tugged them back  over me and he walked in I started shaking "W-W-Were am I-I.." I stumbled over the words and all he did was look at me and the covers "You are in me and my mates house why?" he said like oh I dint kidnap you and kill a girl and maybe even kill you ha-ha "W-w-wh-what??" I felt my self say raising my eyebrows he walked a bit closer making me back up more "Why am I Here." I asked making it sound like a statement instead he smirked "Couse you have seen to much Love." he shrugged and came even closer I finally couldn't back up no more and he was right infront of the bed "Y-Y-Yes." I stuttered at him   then my phone beeped and I grabbed it its Kassy



Kassy<3:Hey were are you

Hunnybee<3:I am - I am At Harry's and something is wrong help me

I texted her and waited but she never said anything else "Haha she don't believe you." he laughed I got up and the covers fell and I walked up to him and Slapped him as hard as I could "SHUT UP YOU MONSTER?!!?!?!?" I yelled at him and then I saw I sparked a nerve he grabbed me and threw me on the bed he had red eyes and he leant down to my neck...Oh NO,,,

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