Love Bites A Harry Styles FAn Fiction

Ummm Just to say I am not a really big on 1D but I have been reading some really good ones and I love their Music but Not so much them So NO HAEFULL COMENTES PLZ thank you Enjoy....Hello My name is Hazle...Hazle Mary Johnson this is my First year of High school in London and im really exited but its not so great when I get stuck with Harry Styles Of 1D I am not a big fan of them don't get me wrong i love their music but not them I feel like their pigs fawning for all the girls to worship them any way I live with my Dad BUT Mum died when i was 12 I am now 16 year old and I moved from Scotland I have Blound Curly hair but big Green eyes and a few freckles on my nose I can sing and Play Guitar and Piano I learnt both from my Dad and I Love Fashion I have a Puppy her name is Lucy and she is a Shepard dog and she is White with Blue eyes I love her sooooo much so here is how i Meet them and Fell for one....


2. Chapter 2

I woke up and got a shower to calm my nerves but I knew they weren't going to I finally gave up and got out I picked a pair of Skinny Jeans and a Black tank top witch was a little to tight and revelled a bit of my breasts but I dint mind I had on my favourite bra and underwear they Lacy ones then i pull my IPhone 5 out and look at the time Dame Its 8 im going to be late I throw on a pair of dark brown wedges and grab my purse and run out. I ran and got on the bus oh good I dint miss it i sat by a girl with Dark red hair and Brown eyes she looked pretty skirt and shirt and all she even had glasses but they were purple. As we pulled in and got off the Bus I felt a ton of eyes on me but i dint care till someone grabbed my shoulders and I turned to see Harry and his gang "Yes?" he smiled and I just look at him all of them "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT AND LET ME GO" I yell at him I tugged from his grasp but it was to tight i gave up and they walked me over to  a corner "what?" I ask before I can get anything else out "OY .. LET THE FUCK GO DUMEASS" I yell so loud everyone turns and glares he finally lets go and I run to my first class English. I walked all the way to the back their are desks paired up and I go to the one in the back until someone sat down beside me hopping to see Kass but no instead its that Harry Styles "yes?" I whisper to him and he smiled "So you don't like us." I shake my head no "Who do you live with?" he askes what's with all the dame questions god I am not playing a million questions ... Harrys Pov. I Looked at her she's beautiful she is also Fiery tempered I like that in a girl "I am not playing with you." her blood smells so I want to drink her here and know. Yea you heard right I am a vampire  i am 211 and I am in 1 Direction But this girl makes my mouth water I have had sex with my food before and I knew I could handle getting her alone just how I also know about Mateing When you fall for a human but you Ether Mark them or change them I am the first to have a mate Her.....

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