Love Bites A Harry Styles FAn Fiction

Ummm Just to say I am not a really big on 1D but I have been reading some really good ones and I love their Music but Not so much them So NO HAEFULL COMENTES PLZ thank you Enjoy....Hello My name is Hazle...Hazle Mary Johnson this is my First year of High school in London and im really exited but its not so great when I get stuck with Harry Styles Of 1D I am not a big fan of them don't get me wrong i love their music but not them I feel like their pigs fawning for all the girls to worship them any way I live with my Dad BUT Mum died when i was 12 I am now 16 year old and I moved from Scotland I have Blound Curly hair but big Green eyes and a few freckles on my nose I can sing and Play Guitar and Piano I learnt both from my Dad and I Love Fashion I have a Puppy her name is Lucy and she is a Shepard dog and she is White with Blue eyes I love her sooooo much so here is how i Meet them and Fell for one....


1. Chapter 1

I Looked up at the big house it has about 6 rooms and walk in closets for me attached to my room and also my own Bathroom Dad is usually at work so I stay home unpacking by myself I look out my window and see my Bestie Kassy I ran to the door almost tripping over Lucy and flung the door open "Kass" I hugged her and she hugged back Kassy is French and has Brown hair and big blue eyes  she kisses my cheeks "Hello Love" she says and I cant help but giggle at her English accent "Help me unpack my clothes" I yelled from the Kitchen "That's going to take forever" she whined from the living room as I walk out with two cups of Ice Tea I put on 22 By Taylor Swift one of my fav Music wrighter "So were do you want to put this" she holds up My Lacy underwear "in that draw" I say pointing to the top drawer trying not to go red  and then Put a bra up that is also Lacy "You happy tomorrows your first day Love you will do fine everyone will love you" she grinned at me and I couldn't help but smile back and wrap her in a Hug we say our good bye and I change in too some short shorts that are black and a tank top that was really tight fitting its hot pink and I put my hair up in a bun "Lucy I am going for a run do you want to come" she barks and i laugh at her and get her leash on her  and walk out of the door closing and locking it behind me and then I am pulled were Lucy wants to go we walk past a park and some woods till I hit in to some one and fall on my Ass "HEY watch were you are going asshole!!" I said and then I looked up to see Green eyes looking at me and a smirk playing on the persons lips "Yes?????!!!!!" I Say and then I get a good look its a guy nicely built and has curly brown hair "Here let e help you." a Husky voice comes from him and Lucy starts barking "she girl Mommy's okay see." she stopped and the guy held out his hand its was a bit to cooled for my liking and I stood up looking at him. He looked back at me "Who are you??" he asked me and I just looked at him" I am Hazle Johnson you?" I asked back to him and his Smirk fell "I am Harry Styles" he said and I am guessing for me to start throwing my self on him  "Kay." I said and he looked a bit stunned "From One Direction.." he went on "yea okay good for you.." I said again and dint throw myself on him "wow!" that dint make much too me "I Love your music just not you guys sorry i ant worshipping you!"  I snapped at him and that made his smirk reappear "How old are you?" he asked "I am 16 dumeass " I said and rolled my eyes "How about you even though I don't care." he smiled "I am 17" and then i knew what he was getting at he is in my grade they all are Dame Ill never get him to leave me alone "Maybe Ill see you around" he said and I left ....

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