Dreams Do Come True.

Alex was just another ordinary 15yr girl who sat in her room on the computer. She always had little fantasy's in her head about Niall Horan. She always imagined them in a relationship and madly in love with each other. She new it would never happen but still smiled about it. But does one new day change her life when he catches her eyes at a concert. Does true love have an age limit... We'll see..


7. We're Here.

I woke up and it was around 7:30 in the morning. I took a shower and did my make up and hair. I just did simple natural makeup and curled my hair. I brushed it out to look wavy. I finally finished and woke up Karen.
"Good morning love." I said impersonating Zayn's voice. She literally woke up in less than a second. "Ugh! I thought it was Zayn!!" She said lying back down. "Dude. Just get up and take a shower." I said throwing the pillow in her face. She hopped in the shower and I went to change out of the bath robe I had on. I went for some flowy shorts and a tank top ( just so I dont get my concert clothes dirty). Karen did the same. We were just watching tv as my mom was getting ready so that we can go to IHop to eat.
"Ready girls?" My mom said grabbing the key. "Yeap." I said as Karen and I were grabbing our over the shoulder purses. "What time is the concert again?" I asked my mom. "Gates open at 6:30 and it starts at 7:30. But they always have an opening act. So Im guessing around 8:30." She said as we arrived to IHop. "Sounds good." Karen said. We got there around 9. We got seated and got our drinks. Our food later came and we were just talking about the concert. as we were eating. my mom looked out the window. " Hey aha, that looks like their tour bus." She said looking back at the news paper. Karen and I dropped our face. It was their tour bus. " oh my goshh..." Karen said whispering to herself. I looked at her and nodded in agreement. "They must be heading to the stadium." I said as I cut myself a slice of my pancake. "But its too early.." Karen said. I just shrugged my shoulders. We left IHop and headed to my cousins house again. "Turn the radio on please." I told my mom. We were listening to a live interview. "Stay tuned for One Direction!!" The announcer said. "MERP!!" I said with a big smile. "DERP!!" Karen said with a stupid face. The announcer came back on. "So Zayn, I heard the you recently broke up with Perrie, why is that?" The announcer said. Karen and I looked at each other with a shocked face. "I love Perrie and all, but, she isnt the one. I keep seeing this girl in my dreams, Every single night. I think its that time to find her." Zayn said sounding mysterious. "Niall. I read that your're a 'single pringle' has that changed yet?" The announcer said in a serious tone. "Not yet. Hopefully I will see her in the crowd one day." Niall said. The interview went on until we got to my cousins house. They had food ready. "FOOD!!" Karen and I shouted as we ran to grab our plate. "Hello to you too girls." My aunt said with a smile on her face. "Hi!" Karen and I shouted back as we were into our food. "Did you already go to the concert?" My aunt asked. " Not yet. We have to go back to the hotel so that we can change." My mom said grabbing herself a plate. "Oh, Im assuming you guys are excited." She said winking at us. We just smiled. Hours passed and it was about 4:30. "Lets go girls." My mom said as she was saying bye. We said bye as well. It takes a about 20 minutes to get back to the hotel. "RUN!!" I said running to the elevator. Karen ran after me. "Stop!!" My mom whisper shouted at us. Every one was staring at us. We got to our level. "Put the key in all ready!" Karen told my mom. "Oh shut up." As my mom was opening the door. "I call the bathroom!" My mom said running to the bathroom. Karen just laughed. "Have you seen my shoes?" I asked Karen. "Which ones?" She said as she was putting her jeans on. "The red ones." I said as I was putting my jeans on. "They're upstairs." She said grabbing her shoes. I went upstairs and put on my shoes. "Mom hurry up! We have to brush our teeth!" I shouted from upstairs. I just heard Karen laughing. I went to go see what was funny and I saw my mom watching the tv and Karen was already brushing her teeth. "What!" I said looking all shocked. I ran and grabbed my tooth brush and brushed my teeth. Karen and I got done so we went to change our shirts. She wore a black One Direction shirt and I let her Borrow my hoodie. It said 'VAS HAPPENIN' on the bottom back. Anyways, Karen wore that with dark washed skinny jeans and black converse. I wore black skinny jeans, red high top converse, my 'CRAZY MOFOS' shirt, and a red neff beanie. Plus my glasses. "Alex can I borrow some of your perfume?" Karen asked grabbing it. "Sure, hand it to me when you're done with it." I said fixing my beanie. "Here." She said handing it to me. We both spray a lot of perfume because we like it to last longer. We both sprayed a lot of this perfume even though its really strong. " Lets go girls." My mom said grabbing the hotel key and the car keys. Karen and I checked each other out to make sure we looked good. "Good." We both said to each other. We smiled and headed to the elevator. "I cant breathe!" My mom said looking at us. "Sorry.." I said with a pouty face. "Whatever." My mom said walking out of the elevator to the car. Karen and I followed. It was around 5:30 when we were heading over there. There were some girls already out side just sitting down on the steps. "Oh my gosh." I said looking up at the building." I know.." Karen said smiling. 
"We're here...." I said. "Finally." Karen said. 
"Stay close girls." My mom said holding Karen and I by the wrist. We finally got through all the girls. We went down to the floor section and the lady took us to our seats. "You guys have good seats!" She said. "We know." I said smiling. She smiled back. We just sat in our seats the whole time chatting.
"Five seconds of summer are coming out." I said. Five seconds of summer played until it was 8:00. They started setting up for One Direction. like the drums and stuff. "JOSH!" I shouted in my head when I saw the drums. 
Everyone was talking until the stadium was all black. Everyone screamed at the top of their lungs! It was crazy. They were screaming for about 5 minutes and then it happened. One Direction were on the stage with the lights shining on them staring at the audience.
"Im here.." I said to my self.

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