Dreams Do Come True.

Alex was just another ordinary 15yr girl who sat in her room on the computer. She always had little fantasy's in her head about Niall Horan. She always imagined them in a relationship and madly in love with each other. She new it would never happen but still smiled about it. But does one new day change her life when he catches her eyes at a concert. Does true love have an age limit... We'll see..


14. Vegas With Jennifer.

I was the first one awake so I just went to the living room and watched tv. I heard footsteps and I turned around to see Karen rubbing her eyes walking towards the couch. She plopped down next to me. "Good morning." I whispered to her. "Morning." She said yawning. I went to go grab some cereal. "Morning." Harry said as he was grabbing cereal. "Good morning." I said grabbing a spoon. I went to go sit down next to Karen. "So how did you sleep?" She asked as she went on her ipod. "Good." I said taking a spoonful of my cereal. "You?" I asked her. She nodded. "How about you Harry?" She asked as he came to sit down with us. "Pretty good too." He said changing the channel. We were all watching the tv. I was about to put the spoon in my mouth until my bowl got taken away, same with my spoon. "Good morning babe." Niall said as he was eating my cereal. "Thank you. And good morning." I said sticking my tongue out at him. He just gave me a death glare. "Hi Zayn." Karen said leaning her head off the top of the couch. "Morning love." He said giving her a kiss. I put my legs on top of Nialls lap and started to check my phone. I was texting my friend who lived in Vegas. She doesnt know about Karen and I hanging out with boys. "Who are you texting?" Karen asked. "Jennifer." I said looking at her. "Who is Jennifer?" Zayn asked. The boys had a confused face. "My friend. She lives in Vegas." I said typing on my phone. Louis and Liam came out pushing each other. "Stop it." Liam said as he pushed Louis so hard. Louis fell face first. "Oh my gosh!" I said while I looked at Louis on the floor. Everyone was laughing. "So whats up?" Louis said getting up playing it all cool. "Not much." Harry said getting up taking my empty bowl that Niall gave back and his bowl back to the kitchen. "Sounds fun." Liam said sarcastically. "Did you guys know that Alex has a friend in Vegas?" Niall said looking at Liam and Louis. They just nodded their head side to side. "Oh, well she is a fan of ours but her mom wasnt able to get her tickets." Harry said looking at them. "Harry, she likes you the most." Karen said looking over at him. "How old is she?" He asked. "She is turning 16 in December." Karen said. "So she likes me huh?" He said smiling. "Awh! Harry!" Louis said pinching Harrys cheeks. "Stop it!" He said moving Louis hands. We all just smiled at him. "Hold on. Jennifer is calling me. She doesnt know about Karen and I being with the boys. "She can come back stage if she wants to.." Paul said. He over heard us talking. "Really?" Karen asked happily. He just nodded. I called Jennifer and put her on speaker. "Okay try to be quiet and let Karen and I talk." I said clicking her contact. They nodded and covered their mouths.

*On the phone*
Me: Jennyfer..
Jennifer: Hi Alex and Karen! I miss you guys!
Karen: We miss you too!
Jennifer: So whats up? How have you been since I left.
Me: We've been good. We have something to tell you Jenny.
Jennifer: Okay whats up?
Karen: Well we have a backstage pass to the One Direction concert down in Vegas.... Do you want it?
Jennifer: What? Are you serious?
Me: Yeah, We cant go cause were still in Phoenix thats why we only got one.
Jennifer: Yeah ill have it! Thank you so much! How will I get it?
Karen: Well we already sent it because we were going to give it to you any ways.
Jennifer: Haha okay! Thank you so much! I have to go eat. I love you guys! bye!
Me: We love you too! bye!

"How are you guys giving it to her?" Niall asked grabbing my hand. "We can just put it in a box and leave it at her door. So we will just ding dong ditch her." Karen said laughing. They boys just smiled and said okay. "Paul we need a backstage pass to the show.." Liam said with a serious face. "Okay." Paul said grabbing one. He gave it to us and we had to go find a box. "We will give you guys the address and drop us off like 2 miles before." Karen said. "Okay babe." Zayn said hugging her. We gave the driver the address and waited. "Okay stop here." I told him. Karen and I got out of the bus and went to Jennifers house. We finally got there. "Ready?" Karen asked me. I nodded. We put the box down and rang the doorbell. We ran as fast as we can. We stopped running after ten minutes. We got to the spot of where the tour bus was and went back in. "Here is some water." Zayn said handing Karen and I a cup of water. We literally chugged it down. "My feet hurt.." Karen said rubbing her feet. "Well all we ran in was socks." I said remembering. Karen was just laughing. "Oh my gosh!" She said covering her face. They boys were just smiling. "Well im going to shower." I said grabbing my clothes. I grabbed a plain black tank crop top, regular washed skinny jeans, and my black vans. I took a shower and scrunched my hair. I decided to do a light smokey eye. "Look at you beautiful." Niall said getting up and picking me up. I smiled and gave him a kiss. "Ew." Louis said throwing a pillow at us. I threw it back laughing. Karen took a shower and came back wearing a hollister long sleeved gray shirt, black shorts, and her toms. She had her hair in a messy bun. She just wore eyeliner and mascara. Zayn smiled and gave her a wink. She gave a sarcastic flattering expression. I just laughed and they both looked at me. The rest of the boys showered each taking turns. "Is Niall always the one who takes the longest showers?" Karen asked playing with Zayns fingers. We all nodded. "Wow." She said laughing. Niall finally came out and plopped down next to me. We were just playing video games the rest of the time while we were on our way to the stadium. It took a while to get there from where we were in Nevada. We finally got there and we all went backstage. We all went to the room to wait and stuff. After a couple of hours, they opened the gates and the girls started to find their seats. We told the boys to hide somewhere while Karen and I stood right in front of the door. "I hear Jennifer." Karen whispered. "I do too." I whispered back while smiling. We miss this girl soo much and its our first time seeing her ever since she left. "Alright young lady, that is the room where they should be." Paul said. The door opened and we saw Jennifer. She was shocked. "OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!" Jennifer screamed and ran to us and literally knocked us to the floor. "What are you guys doing here!!!?" She asked so excited. "Come on out boys.." Karen said motioning her hand. The boys came out and she was so shocked. I immediately looked at Harry. His eyes widened and he started to smile. "Hello love." Louis said. Everyone just waved. "H-hi.." She said with a smile. "Boys, this is Jennifer." Karen said. "And  Jennifer, this is Niall,Zayn,Louis,Liam, and Harry." I said. They all waved but Harry was the one who went up to her and kissed her cheek. She just blushed and looked back at us. I knew in the inside she was jumping and screaming. "Well we need to get in positions so we will see you guys after the show." Louis said waving to us with a smile. We waved back. "GOOD LUCK." Karen said to them. "How do you guys know them already?" Jennifer asked sitting on the couch. We told her the whole story. "I wish I was there with you guys." She said. "So have you tried hitting a move on Niall?" She asked me with a wink. "Uhm.. Actually.. We've been dating for a couple days.." I said. Her face just lost all emotion. She looked at Karen. "Is she really?" Karen just nodded. "And I've been dating Zayn.." Karen said slowly. "HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS! WE LOVE THEM ALL THE SAME, YET I DIDNT HEAR ANY OF THIS!!?" She said laughing. "Guys, Harry kissed my cheek. Im dead." She said with a slight laugh. "I think he likes you.." I said to her with a wink. "Yeah. Okay. And I kissed Channing Tatum." She said rolling her eyes. "Whatever you sayyy..." I said with a smile. We pretty much just hung out through out the whole concert. The concert was finally over and they came back to the room. "Hi girls." Liam said plopping down on the couch. Karen and I gave all the boys some water and Jennifer was getting up so that there was more room for them to sit. "Here love, Why dont you sit on my lap." Harry said to Jennifer. She looked at us and back to him, she went and sat on his lap. We were all just talking and then we had to go back on the bus so we can go down to California. "Did you text your mom Jennifer?" I asked her when I stopped walking. "What do you mean text her?" Im going back home remember?" She said. "Youre not coming on tour with us?" Harry asked her. "Well I dont know. My mom would let me but... Its up to you guys.." She said. "Come with us!." Louis said with a smile. We went back to her place so that she can get her stuff. It didnt take too long. "Are we ready?" Paul asked. "Yeap." We all replied. Everyone did the usual. We all took a shower and stuff. "Im tired.. Im going to bed." Zayn said grabbing Karens hand and leading her to the bed. "Night." We all said. Jennifer was looking at them the whole time and was smiling. "Im headed to bed too." Louis said. "Same." Liam followed up. "Good night guys." They both said. "Night!" We replied. "Lets go Niall.." I said getting up and grabbing his hand. "Night Harry, night Jennyfer." I said giving her a kiss on the cheek. We went to Nialls bed and cuddled. I wonder what Jennifer is doing right now. Niall and I fell fast asleep.

*Jennifer's POV*
'I am here with Harry Styles by ourselves.' I thought to myself. "Yo arent tired?" I asked him. "Not really. You?" He asked back. Man, his accent was perfect. I just nodded. We decided to talk about ourselves to get to know each other. After a couple of hours I told him I was tired. "Well Im starting to get tired. Do you guys have an extra blanket?" I asked. "What do you mean?" He asked. "Uhm.. Im sleeping on the couch..?" I said confused. "I thought you were sleeping with me.." He said with a smile. I smiled back and followed him. He helped me onto his bed and he then came on too. "Good night Jennifer." He said. "Night Harry." I said smiling. I felt his arms go around my waist as he was spooning me (that sounds wrong) I smiled and wrapped my arms around his. This was an amazing night..

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