Dreams Do Come True.

Alex was just another ordinary 15yr girl who sat in her room on the computer. She always had little fantasy's in her head about Niall Horan. She always imagined them in a relationship and madly in love with each other. She new it would never happen but still smiled about it. But does one new day change her life when he catches her eyes at a concert. Does true love have an age limit... We'll see..


8. He Looked.

"I WANNA STAY UP ALL NIGHT AND JUMP AROUND UNTIL WE SEE THE SUN!" Everyone sang along. Karen and I just looked at each other singing to each other and dancing around. This was their opening song which is a good song. When the song was over they went to go change their outfits and everyone was just waiting. Being in the third row was amazing. It felt like the first. They came out and I heard one girl say "ILL BLOW YOU LOUIS!!" Louis heard that and I just laughed he saw me laughing and smiled then went back to singing. They were singing Back For You. Let me just say that Karen was so into the song. She was literally jumping as high as she could and was pointing at Zayn and Louis. "KAREN! CALM DOWN THERE!!!" I shouted as loud as I could in her ear. She just mouthed sorry and went back to being how we were when it first started. I extended my arm as far as I could while recording on my phone. I think Liam saw my struggle because he would always look over to me once in a while. He then came over to our area. And before my eyes, Liam had gotten off the stage and all the girls were screaming but Me and Karen were just shocked that he was coming towards me. The other boys were to busy on the other side singing. Liam grabbed my phone and went back on stage and he was recording all the boys. Liam had my phone for about 5 minutes. "Oh my gosh. He took my phone. Thats amazing!" I thought to  myself. Liam went up to Niall and recorded him doing silly faces and then he followed Liam to see who he grabbed the phone from. Liam jumped back off the stage and handed me back my phone. I mouthed 'Thank you" and he nodded back with a smile. I looked up and Niall kept staring at me. We made eye contact and he just smiled. He walked back to the other side and started singing again. "ALEX YOURE SO LUCKY! LOUIS SMILED AT YOU, LIAM TOOK YOUR PHONE, AND NIALL WAS STARING AT YOU!!!.......... OH MY GOSH! NIALL WAS STARING AT YOU!!!!" Karen shouted so loud in my ear. I just looked at her with the biggest smile ever. Im sure I looked like the joker. When Liam grabbed my phone they were already singing Kiss You. They went backstage again to change, then they came back in a suit and tie. Then they started to sing Moments. Every one had their flash on and started to wave it in the air. Karen already had hers on. So I decided to turn it on too. As I was turning it on, Karen nudged my arm, I looked up to her, and she was bobbing her head to the stage. I looked up and there he was. Niall. He was looking at me. I smiled and he smiled in return. He was singing in the same spot until the song was over. He got up from where he was sitting. They went to go to change into the clothes they opened up with. They came back onto the stage singing One Way Or Another. They were all so into the song. It was so cute how they were dancing. Niall came back to our side, and I saw that he was looking in all the rows looking at every girl. He finally saw me and he stopped looking around. "Is this really happening" I thought to my self. "KAREN! PINCH ME!!!" I yelled in Karens ear. She pinched me and it hurt a lot. But it wasnt a dream. This was happening. Niall wont stop looking at me. I saw him get off the stage and yell in the guards ear. The guard was looking were Niall was pointing. Niall was pointing at me. I looked at them so fast. Back and forth. The guard nodded his head started to walk out of the gated area and came to our row. He pointed at me and motioned his hand in a "come here" way. I went over to him. "YOU NEED TO STAY AFTER THE CONCERT PLEASE" He shouted in my ear. I looked at him with a confused face but I nodded in agreement. He gave me a high five and I laughed. He went back to the gated area and I went back to my seat. "WHAT DID HE SAY?" My mom shouted in my ear. "HE SAID THAT I NEEDED TO STAY AFTER THE CONCERT." I shouted back and she just stared at me and said "WE NEED TO GO BACK TO YOUR COUSINS THOUGH!" She said. "JUST LEAVE ME AND KAREN HERE AND THEN ILL CALL YOU TO COME PICK US UP!" I yelled. My mom just nodded her head saying 'Okay'. The concert was still going on and Karen and I still continued to dance and sing along. We looked back and I noticed Niall looking at me from the corner of his eye. Harry seemed to noticed too because he looked at me and then back at Niall and made a "OOOOO" face. I just laughed and he smiled. The concert was almost over. The last song that they sang was Best Song Ever. I literally heard no girl scream because everyone was singing along. The song was over and Big balloons and confetti came down. It looked really pretty. 
"Im going now girls, text me when you need me to get you." My mom said as she was leaving the row. "Alright." Karen said. "Wait why do we need to stay?" Karen asked me as we were sitting back down checking our phones. " I dont know." I said unlocking it. I was talking to Karen about when Ms. Donovan had lipstick on her teeth. We were laughing until we got cut off my a guard telling us to go backstage. "CAR!" Karen said pushing me (Its and inside joke between us.) "Bitch." I said pushing her back. she pushed me back and My phone slipped out of my hands and it slid a couple feet away from me. I went after it. "Sorry." Karen said. I was about to grab it but then I saw a hand already picking it up. I look up and in front of me was Niall James Horan. I look back at Karen and she had a shocked face. I look back at Niall and he had the most beautiful smile on his face. 
"Hello, im Niall." 


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