Dreams Do Come True.

Alex was just another ordinary 15yr girl who sat in her room on the computer. She always had little fantasy's in her head about Niall Horan. She always imagined them in a relationship and madly in love with each other. She new it would never happen but still smiled about it. But does one new day change her life when he catches her eyes at a concert. Does true love have an age limit... We'll see..


17. Great Time.

*Zayns POV*
I was woken up to Karen singing in the shower. "You shoot me down.. but I wont fall, I am titanium.." She sang. She had an amazing voice. Niall and Alex werent in the room. I texted Alex. 

Me: Hey, where are you guys?
Alex: We all went to get breakfast down in the lobby.
Me: Oh okay. See you later.
Alex: Bye.

"Dodododo" Karen said coming out of the bathroom. She had a Green ombre crop top and black shorts. "Good morning babe.." I said smiling at her. "Oh. Hi" She said with a smile. I went to give her a good morning kiss. "You have a wonderful voice.." I whispered in her ear. She lightly pushed me with her eyes locked into mine. "You heard!" She said getting nervous. "Yes, and your're amazing ." I said holding her chin. "Thanks.." She whispered while looking down at the ground. "Im going to shower now." I said giving her a kiss on the cheek and going to the bathroom.

*Karens POV*
"Oh my gosh. Zayn heard me singing. He said I was good though..." I thought to myself. I just blushed and started to do my make up.

I was starting to get worried about Niall. He wouldnt stop coughing and his nose was so stuffy. "Are you okay..?" Jennifer asked him. "I dont think so, my throat really hurts. I think I might have strep.." He said. We all scooted our chairs back in a joking way. He just gave us a look. "We're just joking mate." Liam said patting his back. "Well we have to tell Paul.." Louis said. The look on Nialls face broke my heart. "Its okay." I said to him giving him a hug. His grip got a lot tighter. I just smiled until we broke apart. "What should we do today then..?" Harry asked. "Lets go to the beach!" Jennifer said. "YEAH!!!!' Liam, Louis, and Harry shouted. "SHHHH!!!!" Niall said. "Sorry " Harry said. "ZAYN!" Louis whisper shouted. "Hi mate." Zayn said holding Karens hand. "Hi Karen!" We all said. "Hello." She said smiling. They sat down with us. "We have a problem." Niall said. "Whoa mate.. Whats wrong!?" Zayn said with a shocked face. "I have strep throat and we might not be able to perform today.." Niall said with a disappointed face. I grabbed his hand under the table. "How about Karen. She can sing." Zayn said looking at her. Jennifer and I quickly looked at each other with big eyes. Louis must have noticed. "What are you guys doing?" He asked Jennifer and I. WE both looked at him and nodded out head. He just gave us a mysterious look. I looked back at Karen but I felt Niall looking at me. "No aha... No I cant sing. As much as we've always wanted to be singers. No." Karen said hesitating. Jennifer and I both face palmed ourselves. "Oh my gosh!" Karen said looking at us and covering her mouth. "You guys wanted to be singers?" Harry asked. Jennifer looked at me and we all nodded slowly. "Well lets hear it!" Liam said with a big smile. "Nope." I said while taking a spoonful of cereal. Niall took my bowl and finished it. "Please!" Harry said looking in Jennifers eyes. "Noo.." Jennifer said looking at Karen. "Karen sings amazing. I heard her singing titanium in the shower." Zayn said smiling. Karen just had an emotionless face. "Im sure you girls sound amazing too!" Niall said smiling at Jennifer and I. "Oh they do." Karen said. We both looked at her with a 'SHUT UP' face. Once again, she covered her mouth. "How long have you guys wanted to be singers?" Louis asked us. "For a really long time.." I said taking a drink of my orange juice. "We already had a name for us.." Jennifer said taking a bite of her bagel. "Which was...?" Liam asked. "Thats a secret." Karen said smiling. "Ugh." Niall said laughing. "Well, whats the plan for today?" Louis asked. "Well they are going to sing for us today and we will be backstage." Zayn said. "WHAT!" Jennifer, Karen, and I shouted at the same time. Zayn just nodded and smiled. "No." Jennifer said. "Oh come on." Niall said. I just nodded. "Fine." Liam said with a pouty face. "How about we just do what I said." Jennifer said. "Sounds good." Liam said. "Wait what?" Karen asked. "We're all just going to the beach." I said. "Okie!" Zayn said. We all just finished eating and headed back to the rooms. Niall and I were just in our room while everyone else was in the other room watching a movie. "Im going to tell Paul to let everyone know that the concert is off." Niall said nearly balling his eyes out. I just nodded. It was pretty early, which was good because now the fans wont have to hear the news once they are lined up. Niall came back. "Its okay.." I said. "This happens to a lot of people.." I said. He just nodded and went to lay down. "Hey cheer up. We will be going to the beach later." I said "I dont want to go to the beach, I dont feel good." He mumbled into the pillow. "Okay, we will just stay here then." I said. He lifted his head up and smiled at me. I just winked and got up to go pee. "I have to pee." I said. He just laughed and said okay. When I came out, Niall was fast asleep. I decided to go to the other room and watch the movie with everyone else. "Niall and I are just going to stay here, I said eating yogurt. "Why?" Harry asked while holding out his hand for some yogurt. I just looked at him and then gave it to him. We are all pretty close now so I dont think it matters. "Niall doesnt feel good." I said getting my yogurt back and sitting on the floor. "Poop. Okay." Louis said in an upset tone. The movie was almost over and it was about to be 2. "We should start getting ready." Karen said. "Yeap. Zayn said helping her up. The three of us went back to our room and Niall was awake on his phone. "Good morning mate." Zayn said chuckling. "Are you guys leaving already?" Niall asked sitting up. "Yeap." Karen said grabbing her towel. "Have fun!" I said waving. "You too!" Karen said walking out the door. I just smiled and checked my twitter. I gained so much followers and had so many mentions. One of them said "Youre the reason why the concert isnt happening today! I hate you! Kill yourself." I just smiled and favorited it. I honestly thought that was the funniest thing ever. "Sorry you didnt go to the beach.." Niall said coming towards me. "Its okay." I said smiling. He came and wrapped his arms around my waist and giving me a peck. "So what do you want to do today?" I asked him. "Hm. Lets just do a twitcam." He said getting the computer. He logged on and posted the link. I was Just on the other side watching tv and eating cookies. "Hi guys. Sorry about the delay. My throat really hurts." He said. He just started talking and the whole jazz. "No im not by myself, Alex is here with me. Alex, come here." He said looking at me. I honestly looked like shit. My hair was in a bun, I was wearing a baggy t-shirt, leggings, and my socks and slippers. I was wearing my glasses and was wearing no makeup. "No" I mouthed to him. "Yes, come on." He said. "Look, everyone wants you to come over here." He said. I just stared at him. "Ill be right back." He said getting up, He started to walk towards me and I ran away from him. He was chasing me all over the room. Im pretty sure every one was laughing just by seeing two fast figures running all over the place. "GOT YOU!! I GOT HER!" Niall said as he had his arms around my waist picking me up and making me sit on his lap as soon as we got infront of the camera. "Hi.." I said waving slightly. All the comments were so sweet. "Im not pretty, you guys are." I said smiling, Niall smiled at me. We were on the twitcam for about 20 minutes. "Alright, thank you guys so much for watching, Ill do a twitcam soon!" Bye! Much love." Niall said as he was blowing kisses to the camera. I just smiled as I got up and jumped on the bed. "See, they love you." Niall said laying down next to me. I just smiled and turned the tv on. We were watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and we were cuddled up in bed. We watched a couple episodes but we stopped when Niall wanted to make a 'couple video'. "Lets make a couple video. He said getting up making me turn towards him. "Why..?" I asked. "Cause we are a couple." He said. "We're not the type of people who do that Niall.." i said laughing. "I know. But please." He said. "Fine." I said. We did a lot of things and finally out it together. We watched it and laughed at some of the things. "Oh my gosh!" I said laughing. I love hearing Nialls laugh. It s amazing. We finished the video and he posted it on twitter. "Im having a great time." I said getting up to charge my phone. Niall pulled me back down. "Me too." He said looking into my eyes. I winked at him and then got up. I looked at the time and it was 10. "What is taking them so long?" I said. "What time is it?" Niall said getting up and wrapping his arms around my waist form behind. "Whoa, it is late." He said. I texted Karen and she said that they are just going around sight seeing and stuff. "Well Im tired soo.." I said getting into bed. Niall layed down next to me and kissed my forehead. "Goodnight." I said. "Goodnight love." He said back.

*A/N sorry this chapter sucks, I had so much trouble figuring out what to write.*

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