Dreams Do Come True.

Alex was just another ordinary 15yr girl who sat in her room on the computer. She always had little fantasy's in her head about Niall Horan. She always imagined them in a relationship and madly in love with each other. She new it would never happen but still smiled about it. But does one new day change her life when he catches her eyes at a concert. Does true love have an age limit... We'll see..


12. Bye Mommy.

"WAKE UP FAGGOTS!" My mom said yelling and throwing the pillows at our face. Karen just groaned and I sat up rubbing my eyes. "You're a very good mother." I said yawning. "I know." My mom said smiling. Everything was practically ready at the door. "Im going to shower. I will be quick." I said going to the bathroom with some black sweats and a white scoop neck shirt from wet seal. I hopped into the shower and got out withing 10 minutes. I changed and headed out. Karen was awake waiting for me. "You're gross" Karen said at me. "wut." I said confused. "I bet you just stood under the water." She said laughing. "Actually-" Karen cut me off by saying she was joking. i just smiled. She was taking her shower and I was putting my pajamas in my bag. I put on my socks and slid on my giraffe slippers. We were practically waiting for Karen. "Damn, that girl takes forever. "I said while checking my twitter. "I know." My mom said putting on her shoes. I remembered to put on perfume. Got to love my Katy Perry one. Anyways. "So many people hate Karen and I." I said laughing while looking at my mentions. "MERP! Ignore them," My mom said looking at me. "Its hilarious." I said looking at her. She knew that I didnt care. "I got a message on twitta. Lets see what it says." I said clicking on the envelope. 
'Alex, you and Niall are perfect. You make him so happy. Thats what I like to see(: Take good care of him(: And tell Karen the exact same thing except switch the names. Haha! Much love xx'
"AWH! How sweet!" I said replying to her. 'Thank you so much hun(: I appreciate it. We'll keep in contact. xx'
"What did she say?" My mom asked I showed her the message and she just smiled. "FINALLY!" My mom and I both said as Karen came out of the bathroom. She wore purple sweats, a black t-shirt, and socks with her white fluffy slippers. "I didnt take that long.." she said sarcastically. We both threw our hair in a messy bun, grabbed out bags and headed out the door. "Lets sit down." I said as we sat on the couches in the lobby while my mom check out of the hotel. "Zayn texted me." Karen said. "Que dijo?" I asked her. She just smiled and read what he said. "He just gave me the address of where they will pick us up." She said looking back at me. "Okie." I said while getting up. "Lets go." My mom said bobbing her head towards the doors. We got in the car and headed to where we were going to meet the boys. It took us about 20 minutes to get there. When we got there. We saw Paul standing next to a red tour bus. "Theres Paul." Karen said pointing out the window. "Okay, turn that way mom." I said pointing. "Okie." She said turning the wheel. We got out and Karen and I hugged Paul. My mom shooked his hand introducing herself. The boys came out. "Hello" Louis said giving us a hug. The boys did the same. They all introduced themselves to my mom. It didnt take to long. "Bye mommy, Ill see you soon." I said giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek." Karen did the same. "Take care of them boys!" My mom said smiling. She started to walk away back to the car. She drove off back to Phoenix. "Shall we go?" Paul asked. I nodded and we all went on the bus. "Did you guys eat anything?" Harry asked. "No! Im starving." Karen said laughing. "You're always hungry Zayn said sitting next to her. She just gave him a nudge but the she cuddled into him. Harry gave Karen a bowl of cereal. It was pretty early, it was about to be 6am. "Do you want anything Alex?" Harry asked. "No thanks, Im not hungry right now." I said yawning. Niall came and sat down next to me. He was pretty tired too. We cuddled and started to fall asleep. I saw Louis put a blanket on Niall and I. I heard everyone saying that they were going back to bed too. I saw Zayn carrying Karen and they walked to his bed. I guess Niall saw too because he got up and led me to his bed too. We got on his bed and closed the curtain. "Bloop." He said tapping my nose. I smiled and he kissed my nose." Goodnight babe." He said. "Night.'' I said. We cuddled and fell fast asleep.

*A/N sorry this chapter is really short. I didnt know what to write .-.*

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