Forever and Always

Hailey and Niall have been together ever since 2011. It's 2013 now and Nialls up to some cheating. Hailey forgives him of course. Some bumps happen along the road. But Harry Styles (Hailey's older brother) Has her back


1. Chapter 1

 Haileys POV

"How could you?!" I yelled with tears in my eyes. I had just walked in on Niall and some tramp. I ran into my bedroom and started throwing stuff in my duffle bag.

"Hailey! Stop! Please baby please! Just stay!" Niall cried. He was upset. But i didnt care. He gripped my arm, pulling me away from my clothes. "Hailey it was a mistake i promise," He rubbed the tips of his fingers up and down my right arm. "I can make it up to you." He pulled me really close. His bare chest touching my covered stomach.

His blue eyes staring into my brown ones. His hair messy as well. What have i gotten myself into? I love Niall with all my heart. But, i have to get away for a while. I kissed Nialls cheek quickly as i pulled away. Grabbing my phone and duffle. I ran. I ran down the road and to the next block stopping to whip out my phone.

To: Harry:   Hey bro! I need you to pick me up. I'll be at the park by mine and Nialls flat. i love you! See you soon!

Once i got to the park i sat on mine and Nialls bench. I thought about the day we met.


Harry was having the boys come over to meet me and our Mum. I saw pictures and fell in love with the irish one. "Hailey Styles! Get your butt over here!" Harry yelled kicking my door in and opening his arms. "Harry!" I yelled. I jumped into his arms. I missed my big brother. Once Harry put me down he introduced me to the boys. Niall was the last one.

"And this... Is Niall." Harry said. I looked at him. i went to shake his hand like all the others, but he pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek. my face became red.

"I-I'm sorry i uh... i dont know what came over me." He said. I smiled.

2 months later after getting Harrys permission he asked me out. Ever since then weve been together.


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