Please Save Me

Alexis is a 16 year old girl who not only is bullied at school, but is having MAJOR problems at home. Her best (and only) friend, Harry Styles, is the only one who sticks up for her. The only escapes she has from her life are drama class and a tiny library filled with books. Her drama class is doing the musical Les Miserables, and you should watch the movie if you haven't already. But what happens when she loses her memory in a gun accident and doesn't remember ever loving Harry?


8. Chapter 8

It's been a week since I moved in with Harry, and for some reason, he seems kind of distant. He always locks himself in the attic and I can't here what he's doing in there. So today, I'm going to ask him what it is.

I knock on the door of his room, and walk in.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked.

"I was just wondering what you do when you lock yourself in the attic. I've been very curious lately," I ask, sitting on his bed.

"I can't tell you," he says, sitting on the bed and crossing his legs, smirking at me.

"Why not?" I ask, turning towards him.

"It's a secret."




"Fine, I was going to wait for your birthday, but you won't shut up, so come with me," Harry says, grabbing my hand and leading me up the stairs to the attic.

It's filled with guitars, an electronic piano, various other instruments, and a couch.

"This is my music cave," Harry says, and picks up a guitar.

I sit on the couch, and he sits with me.

"I've been writing you a song, it's called Don't Let Me Go" he says, then begins singing.

Now you were standing there right in front of me

I hold on, it's getting harder to breath

All of a sudden, these lights are blinding me

I never noticed how bright they could be


I saw in the corner, there is a photograph

No doubt in my mind it's a picture of you

It lies there alone in its bed of broken glass

This bed was never made for two


I'll keep my eyes wide open

I'll keep my arms wide open


Don't let me

Don't let me

Don't let me go

Cause I'm tired of feeling alone


Don't let me

Don't let me go

Cause I'm tired of feeling alone


I promised one day that I'd bring you back a star

I caught one and it burned a hole in my hand, oh

Seems like these days, I watch you from afar

Just trying to make you understand


I'll keep my eyes wide open, yeah


Don't let me

Don't let me

Don't let me go

Cause I'm tired of feeling alone


Don't let me

Don't let me

Don't let me go

Cause I'm tired of feeling alone


Don't let me

Don't let me

Don't let me go

Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone



"That was amazing, it wasn't a break up song, was it?" I asked when he finished.

"Of course not, most of it was just what I felt before we started dating," Harry replied.

"Well, I want you to know, that I will never let you go," I reply, leaning closer.

He leans closer too, and our lips connect. He pulls the guitar out from between us, and leans it against the side of the couch, never breaking contact. I close the new space between us, and soon I'm laying on top of him as we kiss. His tongue dares to intrude my mouth, and I let it. Harry's arms wrap around me, and I wrap mine around the back of his neck. He rolls us over, and is now laying on top of me as we kiss passionately. He plays with the hem of my shirt, then starts lifting it up, and I let him.

"Time for dinner!!" I hear him mom yells from downstairs. Perfect timing.

"Let's finish this later, this room is sound proof," Harry says, pulling away and winking at me.

We race down the stairs, and I almost trip when I feel the scent of pasta and cheese hit my nose. We run into the kitchen, and I see a heaping plate of Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo waiting for me.

"Oh my gosh, this looks so good!!" I say, sitting at the table and putting a huge pile of food on my plate.

"Woah, save some for us!" Harry says, sitting next to me.

"Are you kidding? I could eat all of that if you guys didn't want any!" I say, putting a fork full of spaghetti and cheese in my mouth.

"I'll make a note to make more of this stuff next time," Anne says.

"Please do," say, shoving another fork full of food in my mouth.

"So Harry, how's school?" she asks, and I tune them out because I like to eat without listening to people.

Suddenly, I feel Harry's hand settle on my thigh, and I nearly jump out of my seat. He doesn't really do anything else, he just rubs my thigh. Maybe he's just wondering if I want more.

After dinner, Harry and I went up to Harry's room.

"Do you want to watch some movies?" he asked.

"Yes, but no sad ones," I replied.

"No promises," Harry said, and we spent the rest of the night cuddling as we watched at least 7 different movies.

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