Please Save Me

Alexis is a 16 year old girl who not only is bullied at school, but is having MAJOR problems at home. Her best (and only) friend, Harry Styles, is the only one who sticks up for her. The only escapes she has from her life are drama class and a tiny library filled with books. Her drama class is doing the musical Les Miserables, and you should watch the movie if you haven't already. But what happens when she loses her memory in a gun accident and doesn't remember ever loving Harry?


6. Chapter 6

I woke up Monday morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck. Filled with Twinkies that had somehow launched themselves into my mouth.

I found that my head had been rested on Harry’s chest, and I poked him. He groaned, and I poked him again.


“We have to get up and go to school.”


“It’s the law,” I said, and got up, making my way to the bathroom.

I brushed my hair, and found a sweatshirt and pair of pants in my school bag. I changed, and went back to Harry’s room, to find him in only his boxers.

“Oh, sorry,” I said, turning around.

“It’s alright, I have clothes on now,” Harry said after a few seconds.

We went downstairs and ate some toast before leaving for school.

~skip to the end of the day~

I walked home from the library, and stood on the opposite side of the kitchen from him, as usual.

“Where were you this weekend?” he asks, getting up from his chair.

“I-I was at Jenifer’s house, y-you said I could on Thursday, I l-left you a note,” I stammered; It’s going to be bad today, I can feel it.

“I don’t remember saying that. I think you’re lying to me. I think you tried to run away,” he said, and I saw something shiny and sharp in his hand.

I was paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t move, or speak; I just stood there in my corner, barely even breathing. He raised the knife to my face, and slowly brang it down to be dragged across my right shoulder. I felt the blood trickle down my body, and he turned round, picking up a cloth to wipe off his bloody knife. Then I ran.

I ran out the door, and down the street, trying to remember the way to Harry’s house. I heard my uncle running behind me, screaming something about me being a bitch or something.

I rounded a corner into an ally way, and took every sharp turn possible in order to lose him. I ran down the main street downtown, and remembered how to get to Harry’s house from there. I looked back, and didn’t see my uncle, but kept running.

When I finally arrived at Harry’s house, I ran to the front door and rang the doorbell over and over until he finally opened it. Seeing his face, I suddenly felt relief, and passed out, landing on top of him.


I woke up in a hospital bed, and felt someone holding my hand. It was Harry. I smiled and sat up.

“How long have I been out?” I asked, pulling my hand out of his and rubbing my nose.

“Long enough for me to call the cops, get your uncle arrested, drive you to the hospital, watch you get stitches, and do a bunch of other stuff. So basically, 8 hours,” he said.

“Do you know you long my uncle will be in jail before he gets out and comes for me?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, for the rest of his life,” Harry said, smiling.


“Yup, he’s gone.”

“Oh my god, thank you,” I said, flinging myself into Harry’s arms as the tears streamed down my face.

I buried my face in his neck, and we sat like that until the doctor came into the room.

“Alright Ms. Mobley, you are free to go,” he said after checking my cheek.

We left the hospital, and drove to Harry’s house.

“So, since you no longer live in that shack, I took the liberty of taking all your stuff out of your old room, and moving it into the room previously owned by my sister, Gemma,” Harry said as we walked up the stairs.

“Does your mom know that I’m living with you now?” I asked.

“Yup, I called her while you were asleep. She’s happy to have another girl in the house again,” Harry explained as we walked into my new room.

“Oh, I also got you these,” Harry said, pulling out the cutest black boots I have ever seen from the closet.

“I didn’t know what size you were, so I went through your other pairs of shoes to find it,” he added.

“These. Are. GORGEOUS!!!” I replied, grabbing them from his hands and putting them on.

Harry walked to the stereo, and pressed play. Are You Gonna Be My Girl started playing. He grabbed my hand, spun me around, and we danced. It was basically swing dance, and it was the best feeling in the world whenever he pulled me close to his body.

“So what do you say?” Harry whispered in my ear when the song ended.

“What?” I asked kind of confused. He’s not asking me out, is he? No, I won’t think that because he probably isn’t asking me out.

“Are you gonna be my girl?” he asked, a smirk on his face.

He is so cheesy. I love it.

“Yes,” I whispered. I am so happy right now.

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