Please Save Me

Alexis is a 16 year old girl who not only is bullied at school, but is having MAJOR problems at home. Her best (and only) friend, Harry Styles, is the only one who sticks up for her. The only escapes she has from her life are drama class and a tiny library filled with books. Her drama class is doing the musical Les Miserables, and you should watch the movie if you haven't already. But what happens when she loses her memory in a gun accident and doesn't remember ever loving Harry?


1. Chapter 1

I’m deep into a book when I realize that I should probably check the time. I look at my watch, and realize that I am five minutes late. Shoot.

I close the book and put it back on the shelf. I weave my way through the shelves upon shelves of books in the little library. There are even stacks of books lining the stairs, in front of the bookshelves, and cluttering up the librarians desk.

It’s small, and not many people come here, and that’s why I love it. This is the one place where I can escape my terrible life and lose myself in someone else’s.

I’m running to get home hopefully before he does. I’ve lived with my always drunken uncle ever since my parents died. He used to be a good man, and that’s why he was chosen to be my godfather. But then my Aunt Marie died, and he started drinking. And when he was drunk he was mean. And horny.

I rounded the last corner, and ran up the stairs to the little house. He had beaten me there.

“Why are you late?” he asked, and I could smell the alcohol on him from across the room.

“I h-have a b-big test tomorrow that I had to study for a-and I lost track of time,” I stuttered.

“Well isn’t that too bad,” he said, getting out of his chair and walking over to me.

I shrunk into the corner, wishing I could disappear and live in one of my books. He stands three inches away from me, and raises his balled-up fist, then brings it down as hard as he can to connect with my left cheek.

“That was for being late,” he said, then struck me again “and that was just because I feel like it.”

He grabbed my arm, and dragged me to my room, shutting the door behind him. He threw me on the bed, and you probably don’t want to know what happened after that.

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