The Girl Next Door

Rebekah has just moved to England for her dad's military job. What she doesn't know is that she has a famous next door neighboor. When things turn bad, and her dad dies, will Rebekah ever be able to cope? Can Harry help her? Will they be together? Read to find out! (BTW there will be a sequal! I'm working on it now along with other fanfics that will be up soon.)


4. Chapter 4 Making Plans

Harry’s POV

After we dropped of Beka, the boys and I went back to my place. We were all sitting in my living room; all except Niall, he was in the kitchen probably getting as much food as he could carry before joining us. “So… Harry, Rebekah is a nice girl.” Lou said skeptically.

“Ya, she is…” I said raising an eyebrow at him.

“Oh, come on man! We all know you like her!” Zayn said, rolling his eyes.

“Whatever!” I could feel my face heating up a bit and I hid my face in my hands.

“Don’t try denying it Haz, it’s obvious.” Liam said patting my back.

“It’s true.” Niall said; his mouth full and holding different bags and packages in his arms.

I rolled my eyes. The truth was, I did like Beka, but I don’t think she feels the same way. Even if she did, I’d like to talk to her father and mum about it first. Yeah, call me cliché, but that’s just how I was. “Just admit it, mate, there’s no point saying you don’t.”

“Alright, fine, I admit it, I like her! But it’s not like she feels the same way.”

“Are you blind?!” Louis asked.

“What do mean?”

“It’s obvious she likes you too.” He said rolling his eyes.

“Really, you think?”

“Mate, I know. It’s in her eyes… and yours.”

About two hours later, the boys left. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to wait for Beka’s dad to come back and then talk to her parents, asking them permission to date her.


Rebekah’s POV

I was sitting up in my room, texting my friends from back home. I missed them a lot, and really wish they were here. I had told them about how I met Harry and the boys they flipped out. I also told them about how he lived next door and everything we’ve done together; because they’re just that nosey, but I love ‘em.  We had made plans before I left for them to come here for the summer, and I couldn’t wait, considering it was only two weeks away. The one thing I won’t get to experience is prom, because I left four weeks before school would end. I was sad, but no one had asked me so I guess it didn’t really matter that much. I was daydreaming, when my phone buzzed, signaling I had another text.

From: Dustie

‘Hey, can’t wait to see you in two weeks, and u better introduce me to the boys.’

To: Dustie

‘Me either, and don’t worry, I will, I’m sure Liam will definitely want to meet you ;)’

From: Dustie

‘SHUT UP!!!! Don’t forget, if Harry hasn’t asked you out already, I can tell him when I get there.’

To: Dustie

‘NO! Okay I’m sorry, just don’t tell him… and he probably doesn’t even like me anyways, so if you told him it would just embarrass me.’

From: Dustie

‘Well, from what you’ve told me, he definitely likes you.’

To: Dustie

‘Whatever… so anyway what are you up to?’

From: Dustie

‘Dress shopping with Sara… We really wish you were here to go to prom with us, we need our Hazza :(‘

To: Dustie

‘I know Nialler, I wish I was going too, but I’m not, so you guys will just have to bear through it without me… Tell Boobear I said hi’

From: Dustie

‘Hey Pumpkin (that was Sara)… you shouldn’t have to miss out on prom, it’s the last dance you’ll ever go to for high school, and the most important one.’

To: Dustie

‘Well I don’t really have a choice do I.’

From: Dustie

‘I guess not, so how’s your dad?’

To: Dustie

‘I don’t know and it’s killing me’

From: Dustie

‘Sorry, well I gtg Sara is shoving me dresses in my face, and she said the sooner I try them on, the sooner we can eat… I NEED FOOD’

To: Dustie

‘Hahaha ok, bye Nialler, tell Boobear I said bye, love you guys’

From: Dustie

‘Love you too Haz, bye… Sara: Love you Pumpkin, bye’

I laughed at the conversation. We called each other that because once when we were in math class, we figured out which band member we were most like and apparently Sara was like Louis, Dustie was like Niall, and I was like Harry. I couldn’t wait to see them, I felt like a piece of me was missing. My thoughts were broken when I heard a something hit my balcony window/door. It continued until I opened the curtains and looked out to the balcony next door; seeing Harry holding pebbles in his one hand and waving at me with another. I rolled my eyes and giggled at his weird action and walked out on my balcony. “Hey Beka.” He said greeting me with his dimpled smile.

“Hey Haz, what’s up?” I asked leaning on the railing.

“Well, do you and your mum want to come for dinner, we’re having tacos.”

“Umm, one sec let me go ask.” I walked back inside and downstairs to see my mom sitting on the couch watching one of her soap operas. “Hey mom, Harry just invited us for dinner.”

“Oh, really, that’s nice… but how did he ask, I didn’t hear anyone at the door.”

“Well, his balcony and mine are right next to each other so he called me out and asked me.”

“How did he get you out?” She asked raising her eyebrow.

“He through pebbles at my balcony window.”

“Oh, he likes you.”

I blushed. “No he doesn’t why does everyone keep saying that?”

“Because it’s true hun; he would’ve just come to the front door to ask if he didn’t want to see you.”

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes and went back upstairs to tell Harry we would be there. When I walked onto the balcony I saw him pacing back and forth, mumbling something I couldn’t understand. When he noticed me, he stopped and smiled.


“We’ll be there, what time?”

“Umm… six thirty.”

“Okay, see you then.”

“See ya.” We both walked back inside and I went to my closet picking out an outfit. I looked at the clock; it was 6 now so I had pBooty of time to do get ready. I made sure my curtain was closed and changed into this:

“Boo, let’s go!” My mom called from downstairs. I looked one last time in the mirror and we walked over to Harry’s. My mom rang the doorbell, and a few seconds later the door opened revealing Harry in his classic white tee, and dark skinny jeans, and his signature converse. He smiled and stepped aside, letting us in.

He pulled me into a hug. “You look beautiful, love.” He whispered in my ear as we pulled away. I looked down, trying to hide my now red face. “Do I really need to sing What Makes You Beautiful right now?” He teased.

I rolled my eyes playfully and giggled. “No,” I brought my head back up and we walked to the table. Harry and I sat beside each other with Gemma by me and my mom and Anne across from us. We made small talk while we ate, talking about random things. I wasn’t really listening, Harry and I having our own conversation, when my ears perked up.

“So, Kara, how’s Tim?” Anne asked. I frowned and instantly became very interested in my shoes.

“Well, I really don’t know, we haven’t heard anything from him.”  My mom replied.

“Are you alright, love?” Harry whispered.

“Umm, ya, I’m okay.” I said giving him a weak smile. He gave me a skeptical look, but chose not to press any further, which I was grateful for. The rest of the dinner went on with just talk about the weather and things like that. Once we had left, and my mom and I were back in our house, I went up to my room.

“Boo; hun, are you alright?” My mom called after me. I just ignored her and closed my door. I took off my shoes and crawled under my covers, not even bothering to change. I didn’t want to think about the fact that my dad had usually sent a letter by now, or called, but it’s all I could think about. When my dad would go on duty, he would always write or call within the first week, but he hadn’t. All I wanted was to know that he was safe. I went to sleep, thinking about why he hadn’t contacted us, only being able to assume the worst.

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