Tipping Point.

15 year old Ivy Miller is not like the other kids at school. She lives in a world where being in love with the same sex is classified as normal and being heterosexual is frowned upon. The only problem is she can't deny how that flower boy made her feel. Maybe if she just ignored the feelings she could have lived a normal life like the rest of her family, but it's too late now. They found out, and now there's no turning back...


1. Prologue.

My name is Ivy Miller and this is my story. My final words. The last thing to cross my mind before it all went black. The story of how my life came to be and how one decision, one thought, one feeling can turn your life to ashes. How bullying can turn someone into something they're not. This story is a warning to all those who inflict pain. This is the story of how I died...

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