High School

My name is Samantha, I'm the most popular girl in the school. I have two friends that I do everything together. We're like a clique. Their names are Abby and Nicolette. We share clothes, go shopping together, walk together, hang out all the time etc. The only reason I'm like this is a secret. People don't know the real me. I changed.


1. Introduction

Hello, my name is Samantha Barnes. I'm the most popular in school. Everyone admires me, they even follow my styles. Everyone wants to be like me. I mean who wouldn't want to? Anyways, I have two besties in my clique and we do everything together. Their names are Abby and Nicolette. We do literally everything together we shop together, sleepovers and hangout, share each others clothes, dress alike, etc. People would move out the way in the hallways for us so we could get to where we needed to go. If feels like I'm a president or a queen. It makes me confident. I don't judge people though. Anyways, No one knows who I really am, behind all this make up and clothes I used to be someone different. You know my name not my story. So read this story and you'll find out my secrets not even my besties know about. 

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