High School

My name is Samantha, I'm the most popular girl in the school. I have two friends that I do everything together. We're like a clique. Their names are Abby and Nicolette. We share clothes, go shopping together, walk together, hang out all the time etc. The only reason I'm like this is a secret. People don't know the real me. I changed.


2. Going to School

Every morning I call my friends up for their opinion on what I'm wearing before I go to school and humiliate myself. I take a long shower every morning and style my hair very pretty. I can't have bed head, if I have that I will skip school. That is a big no no for populars. I used to go to school not caring what I looked like and I used to have bed head all the time, and people would make fun of me and laugh. But thank god for this change. After I take a shower, get dressed, and style my hair, I put on make up. Make up is a life saver. It covers up all the flaws I have. I put on foundation primer, foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, eyelid primer, eyeshadow, fake lashes, mascara, eyeliner, brow liner and lip gloss. Some people say it's a lot but i say it's enough to cover up everything. By the way I'll tell you what I'm wearing. I'm wearing my short, pink dress with a coach bag, BCBG heels and a pearl necklace. Also, my hair is curled perfectly and it falls about  6 inches above my waist. (since it's curled it gets shorter)  I put on deodorant and my Someday perfume. 


I eat a small healthy breakfast before I go to school. I eat a granola bar and I drink a glass of water. I need to stay fit, I used to not. 


I walk out of the house and into my new car. I had gotten it for my birthday yesterday. My birthday is actually today but I received it yesterday. It was an amazing gift. It's so pretty and it so shiny and new! I put the radio on onto my favorite station, pop music. That's my favorite type of music. I pull up in the schools driveway and wait for my friends. While I wait I put on another spritz of perfume and put hairspray in my hair. I make sure I have everything for school. Whenever Abby and Nicolette gets here I walk into school. I won't walk in that school without them. We're a clique for a reason, right? 


When I walk in all eyes on us. Everyone gets to the side of the hall for us to walk through. Me, Abby, and Nicolette smile at all the compliments given. I hear people say happy birthday to me. I hear guys saying "Look at that ass" "whoa" "she's hot" "daaanngggg girl" and I hear them whistle. One guy has the nerve to come up to me and grab my butt. I turn around, push him and tell him off while everyone laughs at him. I smirked at him and walked off smiling, 


First period I have math. Secretly I have straight A's, but I can't have anyone knowing that so whenever I get a good grade I just play it off and tell people I have a C again. Unfortunately, I have that guy that grabbed my buff in the hallway in this class. I see him staring at me and I turn to look at him. I decide to tease him so I winked and bit my lip. (I don't actually like him, I just want him to suffer cause I could have been humiliated out there) He smiled and asked for my number I write a fake one down on a piece of paper and give it to him. The bell rang and I walked to my locker. (the guys name is Gregory)


I saw the guy walk up to me.  Ugh. What does he want. 


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