The New "It" Boy

Ariel Hope Jenson had the looks, the popularity, a rich family, and the hottest boyfriend in school. But when he breaks up with her in the most public way possible, she wants revenge. She starts dating the lame boy, justin bieber, and tries to use him to be popular again. Will something that started out as something fake turn into something real?


5. The Deal

Ariel’s Point of View

After that talk Justin and I had the other day, we actually started becoming friends. But, of course, I still kept my distance. After all, he’s still the loser.


After Justin and I talked that night, I came up with the most brilliant idea. I had to ask Justin about it today though. He had to agree with me.


I saw him standing by his locker, putting his books in one by one. I took this as the perfect opportunity. I started walking towards him in a strutting manner. When I was close to him, I waited for him to pull his face back so I could slam his locker.


“What the hell? I wasn’t finished!” Justin shouted, opening his locker once more.


Ignoring this, I went straight to the point. “Justin, do you want to be popular?”


He rubbed his face in a frustrating manner. “I don’t know. Why?” He closed his locker and started walking. I walked alongside him.


“Come on, give me a direct answer. Yes or No?”


He pulled his glasses upwards and rubbed his face. “Yeah sure. I guess.”


A smile came upon my face. “Great! So you want to be popular. I want to be popular. Let’s make a deal?” I said, trying to look him directly in the eyes.


He laughed in response. “And what exactly is this deal of yours?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.


“Ok so you know Selena Gomez and Logan Lerman are the new hottest couple of the school now?” I asked, lowering my voice.


“Ariel. You’re talking to me as if I’m your female friend.” He said with a smirk upon his lips.


I sighed. “Well you better get used to it now that we’re friends.” I grabbed a salad from the lunch bar.


He scoffed. “Since when were we friends?”


I rolled my eyes with frustration. “Since now. Now shut up and listen.” I gave the lunch lady my money and sat at me and Justin’s usual table in the far back.


“Okay so I’ve been thinking. But I have a feeling you’re not going to do this.” I said, sinking my teeth into my lower lip.


He took a bite of his sandwich. “Fire away.” He waved his hands in the air for more emphasis.”


I hesitated. “I’m not gonna lie. I still have feelings for Logan and it makes me extremely jealous of his new relationship with the bitch who used to be my best friend. And who knows? Maybe he still has feelings for me too. But that’s highly unlikely, considering the fact tha-”


“Just cut to the chase, Ariel.” Justin mumbled under his breath.


“Me and you. Fake relationship. We make Logan and Selena jealous. We overthrow them. We become popular. They become losers. BOOM. MAGIC.”


One of his eyebrows was straight, the other curved. I held my breath hoping I would get a response of him agreeing to my master plan.


“You’re kidding me right?” He said, slightly laughing at the tail of his sentence.


I shook my head, clearly not being amused. “That kiss we had wasn’t real. I mean, yeah it actually happened, but we never had feelings for each other, so therefore it wasn’t real. But people don’t know the backstory to it, so everyone already thinks we’re a couple. That just makes the plan 10 times more easier to accomplish.”  I chose my words carefully.


“I don’t know about this...” Justin said, getting up from the table to throw away his garbage.


“Why are you hesitating? You want to be popular right? This is the perfect opportunity!” I saw he was clearly ignoring me. “Give me one good reason why you don’t want to do this.”


He let out a sarcastic laugh. “Oh I can name a whole lot more than one. I have many reasons. But you won’t understand. Actually, it’s just overall embarrassing.” He started grabbing his backpack and standing up to leave.


“Let’s find out.” I challenged him.


Justin sighed, threw his backpack down, and sat back down. “I-”


He was hesitant, but I was patient.


“I’ve never been in a relationship before. There I said it.” He said avoiding eye contact.


I laughed. “You’ve never had a girlfriend before? Not even a nerdy girl who’s in chess club with you? Oh! Not even that Cynthia girl I sit next to in History?”


He shook his head. “And I don’t even know the first thing about becoming popular.”


I rolled my eyes. “Oh I’ll teach you. Don’t worry about that.”


He sighed. “Fine. It’s a deal.”

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