The New "It" Boy

Ariel Hope Jenson had the looks, the popularity, a rich family, and the hottest boyfriend in school. But when he breaks up with her in the most public way possible, she wants revenge. She starts dating the lame boy, justin bieber, and tries to use him to be popular again. Will something that started out as something fake turn into something real?


3. The Break Up

Ariel’s Point of View

The moment last class was over, I ran outside and quickly got in my car to stop by Logan’s house. I had to make sure he was okay. I tried calling him countless times during the day, but he wouldn’t answer his damn phone, which only made me more nervous.

On my way there, my palms were sweating and my heart was pounding so hard, it felt like it was going to burst out at any moment. My whole body was tense and I was driving at full speed because I was so worried. It felt like I was racing with time. Right now, the only thing that mattered to me was Logan.

It was quite convenient that Logan’s house was so close to the school’s. I sloppily parked anywhere and I didn’t even bother turning the engine off. I went up to the front doorsteps and rang the doorbell at least 5 times. I then knocked on the door - more like slammed on the door. The doorknob was turning and I held my breath.



We hugged for what seemed like hours.

“I was so worried about you...” I trailed off. I felt tension at the corner of my eye and my eyes starting filling up with hot tears.

“Baby don’t cry. I just missed school today because I was tired from last night...” He wiped my tears off with his thumbs.

“I just - I’m so confused.”

“Here come on in, then we’ll talk.” He led me to the nearest couch.

“What are you confused about babe?” He said with concern in his eyes.

“I think I might be pregnant with your baby. I’m not sure.”

He was confused. “But, we never, did it.”

My face lightened up. “We didn’t?”

“No.. Did you, you know, miss your ‘thing?’”


He laughed. “Then why would you think you’re pregnant?”

“I thought we had sex last night, when I was drunk. I remember I threw myself on top of you..”

He laughed “Yeah you did. I had to push you off.”

“So what happened the rest of the night?”

“Nothing much. I was on my way to drop you off home until you told me to stop by this random house. I knew you were wasted, so I told you that this wasn’t your house. You told me you were too tired and that this was your cousin’s house. So I dropped you off there.”

“But, none of my cousins live in this town.... Do you remember what the house looked like?”

“Nope. It was too dark. It was late at night.”

“Do you remember where it was?”

“No. It was some street I’ve never heard of before.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Wait, so then how do you remember all this if you were drunk?”

“Believe it or not, I remember things more when I’m drunk. It’s usually the opposite for other people though.”

There was a moment of silence. “I just don’t get it. How did I end up awake at my house, if I went to a random person’s house that night?”

“I have no idea. But I’m just glad you’re safe.” He leaned forward and kissed the top of my head.


Logan’s Point of View (NOT JUSTIN’S!)

When Ariel left, I felt devastated inside. How could I be so careless? I should've known that that wasn’t even her cousin’s house. While I was in the process of blaming myself for not protecting Ariel, I heard the familiar tone of my iphone.

“New Text Message from: Unknown”

That’s weird. I never get texts from people I don’t know.

I slid my finger across the screen to unlock the message.


From: Unknown

Want to know what your girlfriend was doing last night?



My eyebrows came together in confusion.



Who is this?


I got a response right away.


From: Unknown

Does that really matter? Do you want to know what Ariel did or not?



To: Unknown

Yeah of course I do, but how do you expect me to believe you if I don’t even know who you are?


From: Unknown

I just know the facts. You can believe me if you want, or you don’t have to - it’s up to you. But I have proof.



To: Unknown

What proof? What do you mean?


From: Unknown

I know whose house she went to last night. She was aware of whose house it was. She wasn’t drunk then. She was acting.



To: Unknown

Lies. I saw her drinking straight from the bottle of wine. And tell me now whose house it was, and send me proof with it.


From: Unknown

It’s not that hard to pretend to drink out of a bottle.



To: unknown

Just tell me whose house it was with proof.


Just then a picture popped up of Ariel and some dude I didn’t recognize.


To: Unknown

Who’s that dude she’s kissing?


From: Unknown

Justin Drew Bieber. The nerd. The one you always pick on.


My whole body filled with fury. As much as I didn’t want to believe it, it was true. There was proof. There was evidence right in front of me. I couldn’t deny it. I hated Justin Bieber even more than I already do, I hated myself, and most of all, I hated that whore, Ariel. I stood up, toppling the furniture around me and flipping over the table right in front of me. I got up and punched the wall, letting out all my anger. I let out deep breaths in between. When I was calmed down a little bit, I took a look at everything around me. Everything was completely destroyed. There were pieces of glass, paper, pillows, and spilled drinks everywhere. I looked at the wall and saw a huge hole indented in it. I looked down at my hands and saw red marks on my knuckles.

My phone went off again and I immediately went to it hoping I would get a text from “Unknown” telling me that it was all a joke and that Ariel wasn’t cheating on me with some freak. But it wasn’t. It was a notification from Facebook. I saw that Fredo posted a picture of Ryan dirty dancing.

Just then an idea popped into my head.

I dialed Fredo’s number. “Hello?”

“Hey Fredo. I need your help with something.”


The next day at school, I played it cool with Ariel. I pretended like she never cheated on me.

“Hey babe.” I said by her locker right before lunch.

“Hey” She turned around wrapping her arms around me and giving me a slow and passionate kiss.

During the kiss, I opened my eyes and looked around to make sure everyone was watching and that Fredo had his iphone ready to film.

I backed out from the kiss. “What’s wrong?” She said innocently.


Ariel’s Point of View

The moment Logan backed out from our kiss, I knew something was wrong. “What’s wrong?”

His response was, “Come here.” He then started backing out into the middle of the hall.

I looked around me and saw people surrounding us, watching us.

“Guys, quit staring.”I said out loud.

Just then I felt a sharp pain at the side of my face. Logan just slapped me in the face!

I felt tension at the side of my face and tears started to fill up.

“Logan! What the hell was that for?”

There was no guilt in his eyes.

“You lied to me.”

“What do you mean I lied to you?”

He looked away and called out a name that sounded familiar. “Justin Bieber, get your little ass over here!”

I saw that nerdy Justin kid come running up to Logan. I could almost see the pain in his eyes.

I decided to speak up. “Logan what’s going on he-”

“The night of our 2 month anniversary, you weren’t drunk. It was all an act. When you asked me to drop you off at that ‘random house,’ you knew that it was in fact, this kid’s house.” He pushed Justin, making him fall forward.

My was so shocked. “What the hell are you talking about! I don’t even know where this kid lives! Hell, I don’t even know his fucking name! And I was drunk, you stupid asshole!”

Logan reached into his back pocket and got out a folded piece of paper. He unfolded it and showed it to me.

It was a picture of me and this Justin kid kissing.

“What the fuck?!?!?! Logan, I would never kiss this fucking loser!” I kicked Justin, who was still on the floor. “That picture is fake Logan! You’ve got to believe me!”

“How do you expect me to believe you, when I have the evidence right here?! We’re through Ariel!”

I looked down at Justin. I bet you Justin photoshopped this picture with his sick mind.

Logan walked away throwing the picture.

“Get up!” I said to Justin.

He obeyed. Even though he was much taller than me, I still gained my confidence. I let out all my anger on him and punched his face with all the strength I could muster. This made his glasses fall to the floor and his nose start to bleed. “It’s all your fucking fault, you freak!”

I started walking away when I saw Fredo had filmed this the entire time.

“Fredo! Stop filming right now!”

A look of disappointment overcame his face. I looked around the crowd and saw my friends had watched the entire time.

“Guys. I swear I never hooked up with that freak.”

A look of disappointment overcame their faces. “I thought you were one of us.” Selena said.

“You broke our number one rule of never hooking up with losers like him.” Aria added.

“You’re off the squad.” Spencer said.

“Hey since you’re off the squad now, you can still be with that  thing.” Emily said, looking at Justin with disgust.

I didn’t know who I should be more mad at. Justin Bieber photoshopping the picture, or Logan Lerman breaking up with me in front of the whole school and telling Fredo to film it.


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