The New "It" Boy

Ariel Hope Jenson had the looks, the popularity, a rich family, and the hottest boyfriend in school. But when he breaks up with her in the most public way possible, she wants revenge. She starts dating the lame boy, justin bieber, and tries to use him to be popular again. Will something that started out as something fake turn into something real?


2. Drunk Dinner Date *Warning:mature content*

Ariel’s Point of View

Lunch finally came around and I got to sit with everyone I liked. I had my boyfriend and his friends, which were the football guys. I was close with only a few of them - Fredo, Ryan, Chaz, and Cody. I was only close with them because they dated my girls, Selena, Aria, Spencer, and Emily. Everyone else I’ve never really talked to, but we let them sit with us, the popular crowd, only because they were on the team.


“It’s Logan and I’s 2 month anniversary and we have a date tonight.” I said.


“Awwww.” My girls said at the same time.


“Wait, so are you gonna do it?” Spencer asked, eyeing Logan to make sure he wasn’t listening.


“Do what?” I asked, confused.


“You know, do it, like have sex.” She said silently, but loud enough for the girls to hear.


My eyes widened in shock. “Are you crazy? No way.”


“You have to do it on a 2 month anniversary.” Emily added. “If you don’t, he’ll think you’re not into him and he’ll break up with you.”


“That is bullshit.” I said, not making eye contact with them.


“It’s true! Come on. It’s not that bad. We all did it!” Selena said.


“But what if I become - preggo? My parents will kill me and take everything away! They’ll take away my car, my designer shoes and handbags, my makeup, my precious mac, my ipad, and basically everything I own! I can’t let that happen!”


“It won’t happen.” Spencer said, reassuringly. “Just make sure to use a condom.”


“Um hello?! I’m new at this! Do you honestly expect me to even own condoms?! It’s not like I casually keep it in my purse!”


“I do....” Aria said quietly.


“Great. Give me some.” I eyed the boys to make sure they weren’t watching me put condoms in my purse.


“Are you guys sure it’s safe?” I asked once more.


Aria rolled her eyes. “Yes of course it’s safe. But if it breaks and you don’t realize, and you actually do become pregnant, just abort the baby as soon as you find out, and it’d be as if you were never pregnant.”


I thought about it one more time. My mind was saying no, but my body was saying yes. “Okay.” I said.


The bell rang, and I took a look at my schedule. I had Calculus and then a Free Period.


I turned to my friends. “Do you guys have a class last period?”


They all replied, “Nope, I have a free period.”


“Perfect. Do you guys wanna come over and help me pick out an outfit for tonight?”


“Sure.” They all said.




“I am just too excited!!!” I said flopping on my bed after I just finished taking a hot shower.


“Oooh, how about you wear these shorts with..... this shirt!” Emily said, holding the clothes up so I could see.


“He’s taking her somewhere fancy tonight, not McDonald’s.” Spencer said humorously.


“Oh he’s not this time?” Emily asked with slight humor.


“Oh yeah, and Ariel, you called us shouting on the phone!” Aria said, laughing.


“I was angry and I was upset okay! When your boyfriend tells you he’s taking you to dinner, tell me you don’t picture a nice restaurant or buffet!”


“Hey this is a start. From now on, when he says he’s taking you to dinner, maybe he’ll actually mean somewhere nice.” Selena added.


“What time is it?” I asked, still lazily lying down on the bed.


“5” Spencer said. “Aren’t your parents usually home by now?”


“They’re actually on a business trip this whole entire year.”


“Really?! And you never told us?!” Spencer said.


“Yeah, I didn’t because it’s not really a big deal.”


“Having the house all to yourself for one entire year is pretty big to me!”


“Whatever, just forget about it okay?”


“Fine, whatever.” Spencer said.


“Selena, you’re a fashionista. Why don’t you pick out my outfit because Emily is clearly not doing a good job.” I said jokingly.


“I’m sorry, your majesty” Emily said sarcastically, causing us all to laugh.


“How about this?” Selena held up a simple, tight black and white dress with simple floral patterns on the black.


“Honestly, how are you so good at this?” Emily asked, flailing her hands up and down for more emphasis.




I heard a car beep from outside and I knew that Logan was here. I quickly grabbed a few condoms and stuffed it in my purse, I grabbed my phone and went downstairs and out the door.


Logan got out of his car and walked towards me.


He whistled. “Damn, you look hot.” He licked his lips and took my hand.


“I was going for more” I pecked his lips. “sexy.” I smirked.


He corrected himself. “Did I say hot? I meant damn, you look sexy”


“That’s more like it.” I said, as I pressed my lips on his.


“You know, you don’t look so bad yourself. I always see you in your football gear, but I must admit, I like it when you wear a tux.” I kissed his cheek.


We walked back to the car and Logan opened the door for me. “After you, my sexy princess.”




The dinner went pretty well. He took me somewhere fancy just as he promised and things went great. I couldn’t keep what Emily said earlier at lunch off my mind. “You have to do it on a 2 month anniversary.” Emily added. “If you don’t, he’ll think you’re not into him and he’ll break up with you.”


I was praying that the dinner would be over soon so I could get this sex over with.

I didn’t even feel I was ready to have sex with him, but I trusted my friends.


“Check please?” Logan said as he held his hand up to be recognized by a waitress.


“So, where do you wanna go after this?” I asked.


“Wherever you want to go, princess.” He smiled taking a sip of his wine. (Yes they actually believed Logan and I were 21.) I didn’t drink any of my wine yet, but I figured if I would need to be drunk if I was actually going to have sex with him later.


Just then the check came and Logan grabbed it. “I’ll pay.” I said, taking out my wallet.


“No no no. It was my idea to take you here, so I’ll pay.” He smiled. His breath smelled like alcohol. It was disgusting. But even though he did drink alcohol, he didn’t seem drunk. (Probably because he was so used to drinking)


I held my cup of wine and stared at it. I was thinking whether or not I should get drunk to have the confidence to do it with him. “Oh you’re thinking too much Ariel. Stop being a coward. Do you want to keep Logan or not?” I said to myself. With that I chugged the whole glass of wine. It burned as I forced it down my throat. This wasn’t going to get me drunk enough. I took the whole bottle of wine and just drank straight from the bottle.


“Whoah save some for me will ya?” Logan said humorously.


“Let’s go back to the car.” Logan said as he helped me put on my coat.


“No, i don’t need it. I’m sweating.” I said. And i wondered if sweating was a side effect for drinking alcohol. This was my first time, so I had no idea what I was taking on.


Logan laughed. “Looks like you’re starting to get drunk.”


He was right. Everything around me became blurrier and blurrier, but it felt different from fainting. I was still conscious even though everything was blurry. It felt weird.


Next thing I know, I’m already in the car. I don’t even remember walking out of the restaurant.


I still remembered my mission that I had to accomplish today. I had to have sex with Logan.


As Logan was about to roar the engine to life, I stopped him. “W-Wait, d-don’t start the c-car y-yet.” I found it hard to focus on my words.


He looked at me with concern. “Ariel, is something wrong?” I just went for it.


I leaped on top of him and I forcefully pressed my lips onto his. I put my hands on the back of his head, pressing  his head forward onto mine for more force. After that, I forced my tongue inside his mouth. He kept shouting and wiggling, but I needed to have this sex. I soon realized he was making too much noise, so I whispered in his ear and said a quiet “hushhhh.” I licked the side of his ear and gently tugged on his earlobe with my teeth. When this didn’t make him stop moving, I sucked on his neck, instantly knowing that this was his soft spot.


“Ariel....I think....I home....” Logan said in between breaths.


“We’re just getting started.” I said, smirking.


And that was all I remembered. 



“I’m telling you, I don’t remember! I don’t even remember if we used a condom, and now I’m super nervous!” I said after my friends asked for the 10th if I had sex last night.


“Are you sure you can’t remember?” Aria asked.


“Yes, I’m positive! I was so wasted last night after dinner! All I remember is throwing myself on Logan. I can’t remember anything at all after that! What if I didn’t use a condom? What if I become pregnant? I can’t become pregnant, I am the most popular girl in school! Do you know what people will think of me? Ughh!” I said as I kicked a bathroom stall door out of frustration.


“Shhh, just calm down.” Emily said as she hugged me.


“Why don’t you ask Logan what happened?” Selena said.


“He got drunk too!”


“Yeah, but he probably remembers what happened. He got drunk loads of times before, I’m sure he knows by now how to control himself when he’s drunk.” Spencer said.


“Ugh fine.”


We all left the bathroom we went separate ways, because I had to find Logan right this second. I didn’t see him by my locker for our usual morning greeting.


“Hey Fredo, have you seen Logan?”


“No, he texted me saying he’s gonna stay home for the day.”


“Oh, is he alright?”


“I’m not sure.”


Oh god.

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