One Direction Images

If you want me to make you one just tell me your Name/Age/Hair color/What type you
want it/ who you want it to be/ place. I will be making some of my own and I will also upload some of your wishes :)


1. Jade + Harry ( Fight) Part 1

Jade's P.O.V : I was sick of Harry always coming home with a girl , he didn't even care! I woke up at 2 A.M. hearing a door close . That must be Harry with another girl. I made my way downstairs and as I guessed Harry with another girl! "What the heck Harry!" I yelled at him. "You know what Jade you know why I brought her here?! " "Yes I want to know!" "She proves that I want to be with her instead of you, So get your damn stuff and leave!" Harry yelled. You ran up to the room packed all of your stuff and when downstairs and yelled at Harry and that other girl he brought home "YOU KNOW WHAT HAVE FUN WITH YOUR STUPID LIFE HARRY!" " YOUR THE WORST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME JADE NOW GET THE F*CK OUT! You slapped the girl instead of Harry and grabbed your keys and slipped

some shoes on and went to your best friend's (Y/BFF/N) You knocked on the door and (Y/BFF/N) answered " Hey gir- Jade! Whats wrong?!" "H-harry h-he broke up with me" "Get in Jade" You entered and sat down the couch finally stopping from crying. You told every detail about Harry to (Y/BFF/N).

                                              *1 year later*

(Harry's P.O.V) 

Me and the boys just finished our tour and we were coming home I couldn't wait to see Ella! (Harry's new girlfriend....Disapointing right?)

"HARRY! Over here!"Ella screamed all the way from the entrance. Dang, that girl can scream. I made my way to her and hugged her. "JADE!!!" Louis screamed

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