This sort of how I feel most the time


8. crying

I don't cry

Must be something wrong with me


There's a reason why

And that reason is

I don't want to be judged

Sounds stupid I know

Also I don't like crying

It makes me.look and feel week

People say oh you should cry it helps

Helps with what

people just expect me to always to be happy

Which I do 

I always try and fake a smile

Just to cover up my sadness

I have been called names

And all that

So if i cry that will just add to the judgemental statements

Hardly anyone has seen me cry only a few friends

And only 2 people can make me cry

A boy and a girl I will not say their names 

It wouldn't be far

But also something else can make me cry

Judge you will

You will say it's stupid 

But so do I

I cry if something bad happens to One Direction

If Zayn is called a terrorist

Or if they are called ugly

But of course I don't cry in front of people

It would be imbarising 

I have seen lots of people cry

Why can they cry 

Why can't I

It's like people have stole my tear ducts 

I can't cry

I won't cry

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