Is This Real Life?

Demi's dad becomes one directions new drummer. But her,her mum, her sister Ashley and her twin brother Jake have to go with him. Niall falls for Demi instantly. They start to date. But there are grey clouds in the sky...


4. WOW!

Niall's POV.

"Come on Niall and Liam" I heard Harry shout. Me and Liam just went the toilet Liam replied "do not rush my peeing. I came out the toilet and Liam closely followed me. (A/N This name is made up the One Directions Bus driver is unknown my munches. Xx) "Bobby we will be back in around 10 mins."Zayn said. Bobby nodded. He's our bus driver. 

*knock knock* I knocked on the door. A boy with brown hair and brown eyes answered. "Hi I'm Jake. You must be the boys." Louis said " ye we are one direction." We all gave Jake a boy hug. A girl that looked about 10 with blond hair and blue eyes ran down the stairs screaming. " OMG IT'S YOU I LOVE YOU. HARRY I LOVE YOU THE MOST. OMGGGGGGGGGG!" We all laughed. We all gave her a long hug. Harry gave her a small kiss on the cheek she squealed. Then a lady that looked about 30 walked down the stairs. "Hello boys I'm Hayley. I'm Jackson's wife ." "Hiya" we said to her giving her a quick hug. We heard a thump. "Oh god." We heard a man say. Thump,thump,thump,thump,thump. Then 3 suitcase landed at the bottom of the stairs. We ran down and said "oh no. Oh hi boys I'm Jackson." I said "Hi."I then spotted 3 pink suitcases in the corner of the room. "Whose are those." I said. "Mine" I heard a girls sweet voice. Then a girl that had long brown hair and brown eyes walked down the stairs. Wow. She was beautiful. Stunning. Gourgous. Wow. "I'm Demi. Hiya." I walked over fast and gave her a really long hug and said "I'm Niall." She chuckled and said. Niall. I know, I love you guys. I love you the most Niall." I blushed. "Niall has a crush. Niall has a crushhh." The boys sang all together. I did. I really did. "Anyway. There are only 5 rooms on the bus. Me and Harry share one. Liam and Zayn share one. Hayley and Jackson will share one and Ashley and Jake would properly. Erm Demi and Niall will have to share." Louis said. I was thrilled on the inside. Yes. Sharing a room with my crush and a double bed. Demi looked happy because she smiled. "That's absoulutly fine." , and Demi said together.  

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