Is This Real Life?

Demi's dad becomes one directions new drummer. But her,her mum, her sister Ashley and her twin brother Jake have to go with him. Niall falls for Demi instantly. They start to date. But there are grey clouds in the sky...


8. Truth Or Dare...

Demi's POV.

'Demi you first.' Louis said while the bottle landed on me. 'Alright Louis no need to remind me.' I replied back. 'Truth or Dare.'  I felt badass. 'DAREE!' I shouted. 'I DARE YOU TO KISS NIALL FOR 1 MINUTE!!' Liam shouted. 'I accept but does Niall.' I said and looked at Niall. 'Yes.' He said. Our lips smashed together. 1 minute went by. 2 minutes. 3 minutes. Then Harry pulled us apart. He spoiled the moment. We were both gasping for breath. Me and Niall blushed. I span the bottle. It landed on Liam. 'Truth or Dare Liam?' 'Truth.' ' Who do you think should get together in this room. Anybody.' I said. He said back straight away 'You and Niall.' Me and Niall looked at each other. 'Well maybe we should?' I looked at him then round the room the boys smiled and put thumbs up. Jake mouthed 'YES' Lottie gave me a reassuring look. What should I say. Shall i follow my dreams and go out with the boy I adore or Not? 

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