Is This Real Life?

Demi's dad becomes one directions new drummer. But her,her mum, her sister Ashley and her twin brother Jake have to go with him. Niall falls for Demi instantly. They start to date. But there are grey clouds in the sky...


1. Finding Out.




Demi's POV.

I woke up to a scream. It was my sister. I could tell. I like broke my ears. She's 10 for gods sake. Then I heard my brother scream 'WHAT THE HELL ASH IT'S 8 IN THE MORNING.' Then I heard Mum say get Demi. Family talk. NOW!' Then Jake said 'Alright,Alright'. I decided to crawl out of bed myself. I walked downstairs and I saw Mum,Dad and Ashley in the living room and Jake was just about to come up the stairs. 'Morning Sis.' Jake said. 'Morning Jake.' I replied. We all sat on the sofa and then dad said 'guys we have some really good,exciting news!' Ashley said ' hah I know it,I know it.' She did a happy dance. 'Okay..'Dad continued ' I am ... The new drummer for One Direction!' I sat there speechless . I then screamed 'WHAT.' Jake said 'ye but dad we will miss you' Mum said 'oh ye we forgot to say . Your coming with me and dad on tour with One Direction!' Okay is this real life. I  thought to myself. I LOVED the boys. Especially Niall. My dream was to meet them. My dream came true! My dad said 'we are setting of today at 4 pm. They are picking us up in the tour bus.' Mum said 'On your mark,get set.



hiya guys. It's my first movellas what ya think? I imagine Demi as the girl at the top. 

Love Bex xx

Ignore last note. Bottom. Xx

















hiya guys. This is my first movellas what do you think? I think Demi would look like picture 1, Ashley picture 2 and Jake picture 3.

Love bex. Xxx


picture 1 -Demi. 




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