Too Young For Love

Megan has a normal life of any Directioner. She obsesses over a band that she has a little chance of meeting in person, goes to school, and blogs. But little did she know that her 14th birthday is going to be a birthday she'll never forget.


2. Surprise Not

"Wake up, loser.!!" Hanna yelled in my ear. I shot up. I'm still half asleep when I walked down the stairs to eat breakfast. I tripped and fell down the stairs. I got up and started laughing, when I looked up I saw Zayn on the floor more than likely dying of laughter. "What happened.?" Hanna questioned me while she was walking down the stairs. "I.. Fell.. Down.. The.. Stairs.." I said between laughs. She rolled her eyes and laughed at us probably because we looked like seals. I got up and tried helping Zayn up but he didn't need any help. "So, what are you guys doing today.?" Zayn asked Hanna and I. "Not-" I started but Hanna interrupted me. "We have a whole schedule filled." I looked at her like what the fuck are we doing today.?! She winked at me and now, I was getting kinda scared. Her green eyes have been twinkling with mischievous a lot more lately.. "Oh. Okay. I was just wondering if you and Megan would have wanted to go to a photo shoot with me and the boys." Zayn smartly said. My heart skipped a beat. To be able to meet Harry Styles is like being able to kiss a unicorn. Hanna rolled her eyes. Already have done that. I stared at Hanna in disbelief. How can she pass up that.!! "Pfffffft, I don't know about her but I sure am going." I smiled at Zayn from ear to ear. Hanna looked at me and said, "Megan, we are not going.!" I smirked at her for thinking that I will pass this up. "Lets go, Zayn." I laughed at Hanna. She knows that she is going no matter what. "Oh man, never mind. I just remembered that it got canceled." Zayn sadly said. I stared at him dumb founded.. So close. "It's okay. Hanna and I will obsess over them in a different way." I smiled at him. He laughed because he knows that Hanna and I don't see him as apart of One Direction. 


                                                  ~**Authors Area**~

    Vas' Happenin' Guys.?(: well if you guys think I should continue on,.. Go ahead and comment (: I hope you guys enjoy the book.!!(:

Bye Loves xx


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